Heating coil for teacup and tea stove

  • ● Flat plate coil for commercial, household and industrial induction cooker

    ● Voltage range: 100-240V(L:50-100uH)

    ● Power range: 1.0kW-3.5 kW

    ● Material: All models of copper wire, CCA and aluminum wire

    ● Winding form: Sparse winding, single-layer, dual-layer and multi-layer

    ● Specifications: alu 12*27, alu16*28, alu 16*20, tea stove, copper 22*24, copper 16*28, copper 26*28

    ● Energy efficiency: National 1-grade, 2-grade and 3-grade efficiency coil panel

    ● Precision: Computer control, 1-480 minute arbitrary setting, 10-stage power optional, 10-grade temp. control.

    ● Features: Low temperature, high efficiency, stable quality, low cost, good heat dissipation, durable use

    ● Applications: Cooker, double stove pot, multifocal pot etc.

    ● Conform to the environmental and property certification required by ROHS, UL, CCC and EU standard etc.

    ● We can customize heating coils with different sizes, power and specifications as requested.

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