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  • It’s a staggering pace considering the 2015 Pirates are the lone National League wild-card team to produce a .600 winning percentage. It happened three times in the American League, but not since the Boston Red Sox in 2004 - 10 years after the advent of the wild-card format. This three-headed monster resurrects memories for Friedman, the former GM of the Tampa Bay Rays. They won the AL East twice, staving off the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees when all three teams finished within eight victories of one another. “I was just thinking about that the other day,’’ Friedman said, “there are a lot of similarities.’’ There’s little to suggest this power trio’s pace can’t continue. They have outscored the opposition by a combined 262 runs, and are a staggering 75-37 outside their own division. The Washington Nationals and Milwaukee Brewers New England Patriots Jerseys are the only other New England Patriots Jerseys NL teams with winning records. Oh, and the Rockies-Dodgers-D-backs triumvirate still have 61 games against their two divisional patsies, the San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants. They’re already 37-19 against them and those clubs may delete talent by the trade deadline. The only drama left may be determining who wins the division and who hosts the wild card game. No wonder the Rockies’ three-game series Tuesday against the D-backs at Coors Field suddenly is looming large for a June matchup, with both teams off to franchise-record starts. It will be the beginning of 12 consecutive divisional games for the Rockies, including nine against the Dodgers and Arizona. “These games should be good; we’re Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys pushing each other in quiet ways,’’ Rockies GM Jeff Bridich says. cheap jerseys “It’s a push to September. If you’re going to be the best, you’ve got to beat the best.’’ And the best in the NL West this decade has been the Dodgers and the Giants. The Giants, who are on pace to lose a franchise-record 103 games this year, won three World Series championships in five years while the Dodgers have won the last four division titles. If you want to know more about 2017 world baseball information, see, you can get it!