How to unlock your iPhone 6 plus?

  •   There are three methods available to unlock your iPhone 6 or 6 plus – software unlocking, hardware unlocking, and IMEI unlocking. Software unlocking is a scam and doesn’t work, and hardware unlocking can ruin your phone and will void your warranty. The only safe way to unlock your iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, and 6s Plus is with an IMEI unlock. An IMEI Unlock will get your phone added to Apple’s global database of iPhones that is available to use on any carrier. This means you can change to any carrier, whenever you want, without paying any extra fees. How to unlock your iPhone 6 plus?


      If your iPhone is locked to a carrier inside the USA, UK, or Canada, use iPhone IMEI. They’re cheap, fast, have great support, but have a limited range of unlocks available. If your iPhone is locked to a carrier outside the USA, UK, or Canada, use Official iPhone Unlock. iPhone unlocking has become increasingly popular since fed-up consumers discovered they didn’t have to put up with sub-standard phone reception and service. With the rise in demand, the range of unlocking options has also increased. The initial software hack that was so effective and popular on the iPhone 3 expanded into hardware unlocking and then into IMEI unlocking. There are now three options on the table, which one is right for you? And which unlocking service provider should you choose once you’ve decided which method you’re going to use?


      Software unlocking is where you download a piece of software to your iPhone that changes the internal configuration and allows you to make calls from any carrier. Sounds great and simple in theory, except the loophole used by hackers to unlock your iPhone 6 was closed when Apple released the iPhone 4 and hasn’t worked since. Hardware unlocking is where you have to alter the physical hardware of your iPhone to redirect calls through an alternate path inside your phone and hopefully allow you to use the sim card of a different carrier. To do this, you pay some dodgy looking guy in the back alley of a shady area of town to physically crack open your iPhone and fiddle with its internal workings. Yes, it’s as dangerous as it sounds. Best case scenario is you pay $200+ an unlocked iPhone with a completely voided warranty, that’s been exposed to dust, dirt, and greasy fingers. That’s the best case. Hardware unlocking works in about 30% of cases. Finally, it is network unlocking. This is far simpler than downloading dodgy software or paying an even dodgier guy to play around with your phone’s internal workings. Every iPhone 6 ever made has a unique identifying code called an IMEI (short for International Mobile Equipment Identifier) which is stored on Apple’s database, along with other details about your iPhone, including the year it was produced, the memory size, the color, the model number, and also, whether or not it’s unlocked. All they need to do is change the status from locked to unlocked, and you can change to any carrier you want, whenever you want.


      Not every unlock service provider can unlock iPhones from every carrier. Some have an extensive list in North America (AT&T, Sprint, Telus) but can’t do anything in Australia (Vodaphone, Telstra, Optus). Some are great in the UK (O2, Orange, T-Mobile), but have nothing available in Japan (KDDI, Softbank). A solid unlock service provider will have a wide range of unlocks available. The prices are vary depends on different models. Here is a good news to you.


      you should know that buying a refurbished iPhone is a great way to save money because these refurbished iPhone are used iPhone which will be repaired, tested and resold, so they are much cheaper than a new one, however, being cheap do not present any low quality and flaw, which means you can have the good quality at the lower cost. There are many benefit about the Factory unlocked refurbished device, which is why they are more popular than factory locked phones. The benefits of buying a factory unlocked phone include a higher degree of flexibility to change phones or cell phone providers, saving money, and staying away from contracts and hidden charges. Unlocked iPhone is definitely a good choice for many user due to the flexibility and convenience that it will bring to people, which allows people to get the option to change cell phone providers, resell their phones, and pay only for the features they need.


      When considering all the elements, it turns out that buying a refurbished unlocked iPhone 6 plus can be a great deal as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into, and keep a close eye on the policies and warranties that apply to your purchases. It can make sure you get a high quality iPhone and can save you a lot of money, plus you are helping to reduce the waste to the earth and keeping it eco-friendly.