Need to consider those things when replacing a smartphone

  •   If you just broke, lost or getting tired of your old phone and want to get a new phone. There are several things you should consider before going out to the store and purchasing yourself a cell phone. When purchasing a new phone there a several different options that may be best for you depending on your situation. When looking at options it’s important to know if you’re locked into your current contract that prevents you from using an upgrade to purchase a discounted phone at the upgraded price for a new phone.


    These options below will help you make a decision if you’re locked into a contract going to buy a new cell phone:

    1. Replace at full price

      If you need to get a new phone, but you’re stuck in long term contract and have to wait until you can purchase a new phone at the upgrade price. You can purchase the new phone at the non-contact price but is very expensive. This method of replacing is very expensive and should be considered your last option. The reason for this is because most smartphone at a non-contract price which will cost $400–$800. It depending on the model of the smartphone you want to buy. The reason that it’s so expensive is because when you purchase a phone with an upgrade, the cell phone companies pays for some of the cost upfront so you’ll be interested in signing a two-year contract with them.

    1. Buy a refurbished iPhone from a carrier

      Cell phone carriers also generally sell phones that are refurbished. With the high costs of smartphones these days, many wireless providers are providing an option that is more affordable than buying a new cell phone out of contract. There is nothing wrong with these refurbished phones, these phones have been evaluated and tested making them ready for a new home. This option is much more affordable with prices generally $100-$200 less than the price of a new phone. The only drawback is purchasing a refurbished phone will work for a carrier-specified network and will generally not allow you to use the phone on a different carrier. You may be tempted to purchase a refurbished phone since the prices are lower than buying a new phone, but there are cheaper options available.

    1. Certified used iPhone

      Another option when purchasing a refurbished phone is purchase one from a certified used third-party company. The main reason behind purchasing a used phone from a third-party instead of your wireless provider is because of the ability to have more options. When buying a phone from a wireless provider, you’re locked to their network, but buying from a third party allows you to switch carriers. It’s important to do your research on which third-party companies are the best for you; this depends on the type of phone you want to get. Also, checking the warranties on refurbished phones is important just in case you need to replace your phone and not have to buy another phone.

    1. Buying from a low quality seller

      If have ever been to Times Square in New York City you see numerous electronics shops with signs saying “We sell cheap iPhones” or “Buy used smartphones here”. These stores are generally low quality sellers. First many of them don’t offer a cheap price, but just say it to drive people into their stores. Second many cases they purchase broken phones, repair the device with low quality parts and then resell them at an expensive price. Sometime the electronics might not even be the real thing. It’s important to avoid these types of store because in the long run you’ll end up paying more for the phone.


      When considering all the elements, it turns out that buying a refurbished unlocked iPhone can be a great deal as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into, and keep a close eye on the policies and warranties that apply to your purchases. It can make sure you get a high quality iPhone and can save you a lot of money, plus you are helping to reduce the waste to the earth and keeping it eco-friendly.