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      Apple has taken over the world of smartphones and laptops. Starting from the very first iPhone to iPhone 6, the market has never been low! Today, an iPhone is more than just a fashion statement. In fact, it has become a basic necessity. People who have become apple users swear by the functionality and ease of use and cannot imagine shifting to any other phone. This just goes to prove that every new and updated iPhone version sells like hot cakes. But like any and every other phone by any company, iPhone also has certain issues. While these issues are not big it is important to know the cause, the reasons and ways to fix them.


      One such common problem that has been buzzing in the market is that some people complain that their iPhone 6 screen has white lines. If you too are facing this problem, the first thing to realize is- Don’t worry! You are not the only one facing this issue and there are many more people facing it. Secondly, it’s nothing big!


    Possible Reasons your iPhone 6 screen has white lines:

    1. Bad connection due to an obstruction by dust or debris between the flex cables and logic board is one reason that has come to light. This is the most common reason for the white lines on the screen.

    2. ESD or Electro Static Discharge, is another common reason for vertical white lines. ESD can be produced by either the product itself or by humans during the tests or installation procedure.

    3. A damaged IC is another possible reason.

    4. If the problem occurs after downloading a certain application, try deleting the application and check if problem persists. Some applications have been known to be the reason for the lines on the screen.


    Ways to fix the problem:

    1. Try to keep the phone clean. Use rubbing alcohol and a soft brush to clean away dust and debris that may be interfering with the flex ribbons and logic board.

    2. Before any installation or testing, reduce any static charge by using a static remover.

    3. Do not squeeze or put pressure on the IC. A damaged IC may need a new iPhone 6 screen replacement.

    4. Take it to an expert service center.


      The first thing for any and every problem is start with a restart. Sometimes, restarting your phone is all you need to make the problem go away and this may stand true for the white lines too. Sometimes, you may need to reset the phone. But always remember to make a backup of all your documents, data, contacts and photos and music before you reset the phone. And, sometimes the final solution may be Restore Factory Settings. And of course when everything fails, go to the apple store.


      If your phone is within the warranty and the problem is because of internal or installation errors, your phone or screen will be replaced without any charge to you by an apple dealer. Make sure you keep your purchase bills and papers ready and always take a backup of your data before giving your phone for a test. In case the damage to the screen is because of external factors, a change of screen is affordable and may be the only way to fix the issue. If your iPhone 6 screen has white lines, the problem is usually a damage to the screen and if your phone is within warranty, it’s no problem at all.


      While these are the most common reasons and solutions, sometimes the problem may be bigger or more severe. Apple has very technically sound mechanisms and one must not trust local phone repair shops. Anyway, apple will never change or replace a phone that has been opened or checked by a local repair shop. Always take your iPhone 6 to an apple store only for any problem. There are people who have got a new phone replacement within minutes but that’s only possible if your phone has not been tampered with and your product is within the warranty period. Also, it is advisable to use a good protective case to protect your screen from damage and also use a screen protector.


      The screen protector may also be the reason if your iPhone 6 screen has white lines. Try removing the screen or try using another one to see if the problem persists. Keep your phone away and protected from dust and try using rubbing alcohol to clean your phone periodically. An apple phone is definitely one of the most popular and user friendly phone, but like any other machinery and tool, the phone too requires proper care and maintenance. Taking care of your iPhone 6! When you choose a screen replacement, a reputable retailer is a sensible choice, such as Amazon, and so on. Our website offers Grade R iPhone 6 LCD Digitizer screen replacement as well as a tool kit for your DIY.


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