Whether choose refurbished iPhone 6 or Android device

  • Which kind of smart phone is better to choose?

    The new legend is showing. As was expected, the smartphone market is in an uproar. The Apple newbie faces some stiff competition from its Android competitors.

    Meanwhile, the refurbished unlocked iPhone 6 presents its real appearance.

    The previous Apple ducklings were far from what one would call ugly, but the iPhone 6 is certainly the swan of the lot! It's bigger and curvier, making it feel much more attractive to look at, and the metallic Apple logo on the back plate gives it that premium appeal. It's got the same metal body of the iPhone 5S, but has shed the angular edges. In contrast, for instance, I’d like to use the Samsung Galaxy S5 as an example. This type of Samsung smart phone device is larger than the iPhone 6. The body is plastic, but it has a more premium feel to it. This, apart from making it more visually appealing, also adds to the ergonomics of the phone. It feels sturdier in the hands. As to the ergonomics, Apple seems to have all the right 'moves'. They decided to go big with the iPhone 6, but made sure accessibility wasn't hampered. With just a double tap on the home button, the entire display moves downwards closer to the thumb! The latter one design:  The power on/off button to the right side, the volume rocker button to the left, and the earpiece and status LED above the screen, are among the familiar design cues that have been retained from previous designs. The new fingerprint scanner is located on the home screen.

      Apple could never boast of good numbers here, and the iPhone 6 is no exception. It runs on a dual-core Cyclone processor, which is derived from the ARM v8 processor family. While this may not seem very impressive, it is rumored that the new A8 chip within the iPhone 6 clocks in at about 2GHz. The second one, at the heart of the S5 is a Quad Core 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU (MSM8974AC). It's blazingly fast, scoring high on several benchmarking software tests, including Quadrant.

      Apart from these, the iOS8 update brings several other beneficial features:

    1) The Health Kit which can monitor your health stats and even notify a doctor in case of discrepancies.

    2) The Quick Type feature which can adapt to your typing habits.

    3) Spot light search which is far more intelligent and interactive.

    4) Improved email and messaging.

    5) Comprehensive device synchronization which allows changes made on one Apple device to be reflected within mere seconds on another one.

    6) A more beautiful and attractive Siri, who is now completely at your beck and call. Just say 'Hey Siri', and she wakes up to you. She also has a new friend now, called 'Shazam'. But no need to be jealous, for Siri is yours alone. She only uses Shazam to identify and bring you the mystery tune that's been playing in your head.

      The S5 features a multi-window multitasking option, wherein two applications can be run simultaneously on two different windows.

      1) Easy Grid layout for the settings menu.

    2) Kids mode, featuring colorful, children-oriented graphics, and limited functionality.

    3) Car mode, which displays four large icons on the screen for easy visibility and access while driving. What makes this feature even better is that you can operate in this mode with voice commands alone.

    4) Private mode, which can secure files and folders on your cellphone with your fingerprint ID.

    5) Easy mode, which makes for easy operation of your phone.

    6) Air view allowing you to interact with your phone without touching it.

    7) S Voice for voice-based commands. 

       You can also get refurbished Apple products at steeper discounts from third-party retailers. As long as you can wait a few months to pick up an Apple product, there's virtually no downside to purchasing a refurbished model. The quality is superb and the price savings can be worth the wait.

    Take time to ask the seller questions and find out why the phone has been renewing, and to determine the quality of the product that is being purchased. Once these precautions have been made, buyers can find phones that are much less expensive than their original retail price, and that should work the same. Buying an unlocked refurbished iPhone 6 is a logical decision for many phone owners, but buying an unlocked iPhone 6 refurbished, like buying any other used product, should be approached with care.