Advices of Measure to Your Broken iPhone Screen


    Smashing the screen on your iPhone or iPad is a sadly common issue. We've all been there: you drop your beloved phone or tablet, reach down and pick it up - of course it landed screen down - and inspect the damage, only to have your worst fears confirmed. The screen is shattered.


    Well, chin up. It's bad, but it's not disastrous. You have options. In this article we round up the 5 best ways of repairing a damaged iPhone or iPad display, and explain the pros and cons of each. We'll have that screen repaired in no time, don't you worry.


    Get Apple to repair the screen


    Apple will come to the rescue and repair your cracked screen, but it won't do this for free, even if you're still in the warranty period as accidental damage isn't covered by the standard warranty.


    If you went the extra mile and paid for AppleCare+, a well-known iPhone repair online store, then the cost won't be too high. AppleCare+ includes repairs for up to two cases of accidental damage. But there's still an excess fee. Users need to pay £25 to fix their iPhone display no matter what model it is, with all other repairs costing a flat rate of £79.


    Assuming you haven't got AppleCare+, the cost of your screen repair will be much higher - particularly in the case of the iPhone X. It's best to get in touch with Apple and see what they'd charge in your case, but the company quotes the following prices for screen repairs.


    If this appeals you can read about Apple's policies on iPhone screen repairs here, and on iPad screen repairs here, but many of us will be looking for a cheaper repair than this. So, what other options are available?


    Go to a high street retailer


    There is one-stop shop for all your needs, including iPhone or iPad screen repairs –high street retailer. The high street is where most of us will go when we break our phone or tablet screen because, generally speaking, people like the personal touch, which is something you tend not to get when using online repair services. Another point for the “high street vs. online” argument is that if anything goes wrong with a high-street repair then you know where to go to complain, unlike with most online services.


    As we noticed the growing demand for a local repair service and have added screen repair services at a number of stores. To avoid disappointment we strongly recommend either calling your local branch to see if they can help, or using the firm's store locator with the filter set to 'Phone and Tablet Repairs'.


    This should be a far cheaper option than Apple. Screen repairs on iPhones should be carried out the same day, but tablet repairs take longer, like several days. In both cases there may be additional delays if the staffs have to order in a part, but we imagine that Apple devices are sufficiently claimed that this would be unusual.


    Send your device to an online repair service


    The next option to consider is an online repair service. The online iPhone repair businesses are becoming ever more popular, with people becoming too busy to take a damaged iPad or iPhone to a shop themselves. People are often wary about sending their phone off in the post to a company that they've found online. What if it breaks? A professional online repair store offers an additional 'Express Pickup' service that insures your iPhone in transit.


    Get your device repaired at your home


    Some people can't - and won't - wait for days for their iPhone screen to be fixed. What alternatives are there? Depending on your location, there are companies that can come to you and repair your phone or tablet in UK. One such company is Repairly - they will come to you anywhere in central London and hope to expand further soon. They'll take your iPhone and repair it within two to three hours and bring it right back to you when it's done. They can also repair tablets, Samsung phones and laptops.


    Repairly fixed our iPhone 6s within two hours, and we've been using it for months since with absolutely no problems. Communication and emails were great fun and the friendly Repairly representative arrived on a push scooter with a padded box ready to whisk our iPhone away. It was fast and brilliantly hustle-free if a little more expensive than going to some high-street options (but we thought it was worth it).


    Do pay attention to the difficulty rating of each tutorial, however. You need to be fairly confident with your technical ability, as any unauthorized repairs of your iPhone will void the warranty and Apple won't touch it. So, choose a professional repair service to get your iPhone 6 screen replacement.