Reviews of Amazon Buyers on Tempered Glass Screen Proctor


    Robin had it on his iPad pro while photographing an A/C Unit on a rental property. The iPad slipped out of my hands and feel all of 10", but just happened to land face down on some landscaping stone. One stone punched a hole in the screen and looked like it had shattered the IPad screen as well. When he got home and pulled the tempered glass screen off, he found his iPad screen perfectly intact. GOOD JOB TANTEK. Every once in a while you purchase a product that does EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAY IT DOES and THIS IS ONE OF THOSE PRODUCTS.


    Dropped iPad many times on its face and not a single crack. While this could just be the word of a just and mighty God, Said Lily, who would still like to attribute some of the success to this screen protector. 10/10 would not buy again because you only need to buy it once and you're good.


    Bought this for Lucy’s 12 year old son's iPad and he proceeded to install the screen protector when it was delivered (before she got home). The result is a perfect screen protector with no bubble. She just followed the instruction at the back. Lucy is very satisfied with this product. It is absolutely best thing you can do to protect your IPad screen. She also has had one on my iPhone and it literally saved her iPhone screen from being broken when she dropped it a few months ago. The screen is hard not a piece of vinyl like some screen protectors is which will add zero protection to your screen. You made a big investment in buying your device, so you need to be sure to protect your screen and Anti-care Tempered Glass Screen will do just that.


    This was a replacement protective screen for Jane’s iPad Pro. The first, from another company CellPhoneAge com, became scratched after a few months and was unusable. The new screen went on very easily (no trying to work bubbles out) and seems to be holding up quite well. Jane would certainly use this company again when the time comes.


    Chris is extremely pleased with the tempered glass screen for his iPad. It was delivered quickly and was very easy to install. Everything was provided for installing the screen, the direction was very easy to follow and the installation went very smoothly. He would highly recommend this supplier, and will use them again if it is ever needed.


    Jessie is willing to rate this buy 5 stars for the simple fact that it comes with too nice hardness screen protectors for the iPad in her experience she never used a screen protector before for a phone or tablet but when she dropped her iPad it cracked which made me buy they do as advertised of course it all depends on how hard the fall or hit your device takes now she was currently trying out other screen protectors including one with a life time warranty upon removing the protector only down fall was that it broke but that's be expected she would recommend this and a case.


    Lee was so glad that she had this on her iPad. Her husband tossed she the TV controls and he had the iPad lying beside Lee. The remote hit Lee's glass and cracked the glass she thought but no it just fractured the protective film. Talk about one happy and thankful person, She said what saved her iPad was only a week old.


    Bruce much prefers the glass screen protector, as these have given great coverage for all of his devices. He feels just like nothing is there. Super easy to apply, just make sure it's clean and dust free on the screen and in the area you are working in. So far it works great, but he will see how it holds up over time seeing as he is not going to intentionally try to damage the product since it's on iPad.


    Mary loves this product. Although she has always been careful with her electronics, it gives her the added security of maintaining iPad scratch and chip free. She has seen too many who have had cracks or chips or scratches. This tempered glass screen proctor has proven to do what it is advertised to do. It is also easy to apply.


    Paul recently retired his iPad 2 for an iPad Pro 9.6 inch. On his iPad 2, he had an anti-glare plastic protector but decided to go with tempered glass this time. This protector is very clear and crisp, unlike his old plastic protector on iPad 2. He is very satisfied with the clean, air-bubble free result. He can thoroughly enjoy his tablet's screen while protecting it without degrading it with this protector. He said the iPad safety shield is amazing, extremely easy to apply to iPad screen. he has no worries because the one he had on his iPhone has taken a beating and the screen has no scratches when he had to replace it.


    Peter said it fits like a glove, as advertised, no problem peeling off the backing. How folks managed to break theirs when doing so. BOTH protectors arrived in excellent shape. He bought this tempered glass screen protector for iPad pro 10.5 from Cell Phone Age com and only spent less than 10 USD.