Android 2GB RAM LG Google Nexus 4 evaluations

  • Known as Google's son Nexus series of Android phone was released by the most complete Google services, while the fastest access to the latest version of the Android system updates, which makes it won a lot of concern. And the fourth generation of Google mobile phone Nexus 4, coupled with the lowest price of less than 300USB, at present it is one of the most popular high performance Android phones. What is the excitement in the end for this phone? Following Cell Phone Age com for everyone to bring Nexus 4 domestic first evaluation.


    Basic specification and related background

    The configuration of Nexus 4 is basically the same as LG Optimus G, just in the fuselage ROM space and camera pixels have shrunk. Qualcomm quad-core CPU, 2GB RAM, 1280x768 resolution IPS screen are regarded as listed in the year Android mobile phone in the top configuration. At the same time due to reasonable pricing, Google official store stock were sold out soon, which also led to the general market out of stock, cattle rampant. This time what comes by the Nexus 4 is released Android 4.2 system, which is mainly for Android 4.1 system to do a small degree of feature upgrades and optimization, so the code is still Jelly Bean.


    Of course, Google commissioned other mobile phone manufacturers to OEM their own products, the first generation with HTC, the second and third generation with Samsung, and the fourth generation with LG for cooperation. In each machine we can see the shadow of the corresponding cooperation brands, such as by Samsung mobile phone AMOLED screen, and by LG cooperation on behalf of the IPS screen. It is worth mentioning that Google also owns Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 two independent brands Tablet PC by factory OEM.


    New features of Android 4.2 system

    From the Android 4.2 did not change Jelly Bean this code it can be seen that the update is not large, more is the system function of the improvement and small change, and the system is still maintained a good fluency and stability. In fact, the Android system has undergone several years of development time, the system architecture and functionality has gradually become more mature, it now seems no need to make a major modification to the system. Android 4.2 systems to improve the small change are wiser and not adventure.


    Overall appearance and design details

    Nexus 4 is very similar to the previous generation Galaxy Nexus on positive style, both go along the simple route, continued the Nexus phone style. Due to the use of virtual keys, when turn off the screen it looks very refreshing. Nexus 4 body with a Gorilla glass material, in addition to make the front and rear body convergence natural, also makes the whole machine a high degree of integration, scratch effect is better. Users can use this material design to get a more smooth touch feel. The overall excellent glass texture and workmanship bring a more superior experience. But the use of glass material also has a greater risk of using, as it is easier to use in the daily collision of damaged glass panel.


    When the real machine gets started, we find that the Nexus 4's metal frame is not comfortable, and this is also related to the 4.7-inch screen. Because this size of phone when hold in hands often have a little support, if the edge is not smooth enough, the touch feels not friendly. Positive top right with a 1.3 million pixel front camera, in the current mobile phone market it can be considered the mainstream level. As a result of the virtual button, on the front there is no touch button.


    The back can’t be demolished, work very well, due to the same use of the gorilla glass panel, back feel very similar to iPhone 4S. At the same time we can find in the Nexus 4 on the back of the glass dotted with some small box, adding a sense of science and technology. But on the other hand, the gorilla glass material is not anti-fingerprint, the machine is easy to become a fingerprint collector, in the black fuselage against the background it is particularly evident. On key design, Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus is almost the same. Power button on the right side of the top, on the left of the fuselage for the volume key, while the top is still 3.5mm headphone jack, and Micro USB / Slimport interface is placed in the bottom of the fuselage.


    Nexus 4 in the screen performance is very good, compared to Galaxy Nexus Super AMOLED screen it is more excellent. The Nexus 4 has a 4.7-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1280x768 pixels, 317PPI and RGB sub-pixel arrangement to make the screen's delicate and color performance to a top level. Nexus 4 screen with the current popular full-fit technology, screen touch layer and display layer seamlessly combined, can effectively less the thickness of the screen. Nexus 4 screen viewing angle is large, even in sunshine it is still clearly visible, but relatively there will be some whiteness, but does not affect the overall performance, visual effects are satisfactory.


    On price of about 2,000 Yuan, Nexus 4 can be regarded as a very high cost-efficient phone, the use of experience and integrated configuration is still very good. At present the price of LG Google Nexus 4 Screen Digitizer Assembly Replacement is only 39.04USD on Cell Phone Age com.