A variety of power saving technology for Samsung Galaxy S5


    Samsung 2014 flagship mobile phone GALAXY S5 has been listed for some time, I believe everyone has his own views on this phone. Compared with the previous generation S4, S5 update rate is not particularly large. In addition to better anti-ability and heart rate sensor hardware and other new features, the Samsung GALAXY S5 in the software is also optimized, such as system life. Samsung GALAXY S5 battery is with capacity of 2800mAh, compared with the previous generation increased by 200mAh. And for different circumstances it did optimization of life, whether these optimizations have really played a role?


    Samsung galaxy S5 imported the energy-saving suite "Power Extend" power-saving technology from the LucidLogix, which had also been used in GALAXY Note3. Power Extend is a technology that reduces GPU power consumption by optimizing GPU budgets. The technology in the Samsung S5 mobile phone features was mainly reflected in the web browsing, game operation and mapping. Power Extend technology is deployed at the system kernel level, without user intervention, but cannot auto open or close.


    In the following test session, we use the daily required settings: open WIFI, GPS module, the screen brightness to the middle, open the mobile data. First look at the battery life of video playback, we make a section of 1080P video recycle playback for one hour, to detect the power consumption of Galaxy S5. The results show that after an hour of video playback, Galaxy S5 power from the original 80% drops to 72%, which is 8% power consumption. Such data among the current 1080P screen smartphones is quite good, and also shows Galaxy S5 played a role in optimizing the power consumption of video playback.


    Next is the game life test, we chose the current popular mobile games, continuous operation for 25 minutes, S5 power from the original 64% drops to 57%, consuming 7% of the electricity. In the case of normal use, the power consumption of a mobile phone similar to Galaxy S5 is between 6% and 10%. From this perspective, S5 is in the upper level of the same type of control of the game power consumption.


    Samsung according to S5 Super AMOLED screen material self-luminous characteristics, an increase of gray mode, open gray scale mode, and the entire system will only show black and white gray three-color. Because this screen black pixels do not need power supply, so by use of this feature, you can achieve the purpose of saving power. We open the gray mode and the Cell Phone Age client, for 23 minutes of continuous operation. According to the power display, from the original 56% to 51%, is consuming of 5%, which is saving about 2% than the normal mode.


    Samsung GALAXY S5 NavExtend technology was optimized for navigation, known as while the use of GPS navigation the battery life will be extended by 25%. It can intelligently determine the required graphics load by GPS navigation, because the navigation route is predictable after determined, no need for high-speed refresh, so that you can save a lot of graphics frame. We use the more commonly used Baidu Map for 20 minutes of navigation test, power from 51% to 45%, power consumption is only 6%. In the case of the GPS has been open and the screen has been on, there is such a low energy consumption. This also shows that NavExtend technology has worked.


    Then look at the Galaxy S5's super power-saving mode, open the super power-saving mode, the phone in the main interface to retain the "phone, SMS, calendar, mail, calculator," the six basic functions, in addition to add a small amount of third- application such as We-chat. The screen color is only black and white, while the functions including taking photo, the drop down menu, are disabled. The principle of super power saving mode is to turn off some high power consumption modules and reduce the screen and system power consumption to achieve maximum power savings.


    Super power saving mode is more suitable for in the case of power shortage or intend to stand for many days use, under normal circumstances it is not recommended. We turn on the super power saving mode when the remaining 45% of power, the system prompts such a power is expected to stand the longest standby of 5.6 days, but the actual standby time may be relatively less.


    The current development of mobile phone battery has reached the bottleneck, if you want to increase the battery capacity to enhance lifetime, the difficulty is relatively large. Through the test can be seen, Samsung for the Galaxy S5 power consumption to make several optimization programs to deal with different situations. And in the course of use it will indeed achieve effective power-saving result, but this power-saving mode will be at the expense of system performance, display and mobile phone function to achieve the cost. So from this perspective, although at current the smartphone battery life problem is not completely resolved, the power saving program given by Samsung is still quite good.


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