The FAQ Solutions for Bigger iPhone 6 plus


    With great to meet the big screen habit, since the release iPhone 6 plus has made a large number of fans in hot pursuit. China Apple official website online store tomorrow to open the new iPhone 6 plus pre-sale service, presumably will set off a "bloody." But no one is perfect, so as iPhone. This article summarizes the common problems of iPhone 6 plus in the daily use and the corresponding solutions, so that you are prepared!


    Question 1: iPhone 6 Plus Bend

    Thin and larger fuselage means that the iPhone 6 Plus is easier to bend than last year's iPhone 5s. Earlier Apple "curved door" incident also ignited, although Apple claimed that this situation is rare, but still cannot bend the user to worry about this aspect. Whether or not it is a big problem, the user once the gun, there is only one solution. Of course, in order not to let your iPhone6 also become a "curved door" event; remember not to put it in the back pocket!


    Solution Reference:

    Complain to Apple, or to the Apple store, Apple will test the iPhone 6 plus bend, decide whether to replace the new machine for free.


    Question 2: screen rupture

    Many people have said, iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus fell to the ground when it is easy to damage. In fact, no one of the mobile phone design is able to withstand the fall from the height encountered when the impact. So if you want to experience it, then it is best to get it a protective cover. But if still accidentally dropped the screen, can only find a solution to the problem.


    Solution Reference:

    Repair it yourself or repair it at the repair shop.

    Replace the screen directly. Apple's official replacement iPhone 6 screen price of $ 109, replace the iPhone 6 Plus screen price of $ 129.


    Question 3: Bluetooth failure

    There are iPhone6 or iPhone6 Plus user feedback that cannot connect Bluetooth devices, especially car Bluetooth devices. Some users of the car phone system cannot be used, there are users can not establish any Bluetooth connection. This issue is not limited to the Bluetooth device produced by a particular manufacturer. There are media reports, including Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Honda, Acura, BMW, Jeep and other models, including the existence of this problem. While the old model iPhone does not exist this problem.


    Solution Reference:

    Delete all pairs of car or other Bluetooth devices. IPhone users can select "Settings" - "General" - "Reset" - "Reset Network Connections", and press the "Sleep / Wake Up" and Home buttons to display the Apple logo on the screen. Make sure the car or other Bluetooth device is discoverable and start setting up the connection again. Some users say that the factory settings can be resolved to solve this problem.


    Question four: touch screen does not respond

    Some users complain that the new purchase of the iPhone 6 plus will randomly appear touch screen does not respond to the situation. This seems to be an input method problem, some of the input method is slow, individual keys can’t be used in portrait mode. But there are individual users that the screen side of no response.


    Solution Reference:

    The first thing to do is press the "sleep / wake up" and Home buttons at the same time until you see the screen display Apple logo, restart iPhone6.

       Some users solved the problem by selecting "Settings" - "General" - "Reset" - "Reset all settings". Users need to re-enter the password, change the wallpaper, re-set the Touch ID, but the user's data will not be deleted.

       A user reports that the problem is resolved by restoring the factory settings, but all the information on the phone is lost, so the user needs to back up the data first. Users may need to set their own iPhone6 as a new phone, some users say from iTunes or iCloud restore the backup data, will make this problem re-appear.


    Question 5: camera failure

    IPhone6 camera seems to have more than one problem. There are media that the photo shoot color violet, and there may be more serious color. These problems may be caused by the software, because the upgrade to iOS8 iPhone5s also has the same problem. Another user said, in the iPhone6 and 6 plus to start the camera application screen will display a black screen. There is also an error in the direction of the user reporting a rotation of the photo.


    Solution Reference:


    Try to select "Settings" - "General" - "Reset" - "Reset all settings" to see if you can solve the problem. You may need to make some settings on the iPhone, but any data and photos will not be deleted.


    Some users find this problem is caused by past backups. If the backup of the old model iPhone data back to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will lead to this problem. Users can try to restore the factory settings, as new phones as manual on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus settings, this method may solve the problem.


    If the problem is still not resolved, it may be a hardware problem, the user needs to contact Apple, or to the Apple store for testing. If it is a hardware problem, Apple should be free for the user to replace the new machine.


    Do you realize that the bigger and stronger iPhone 6 plus is more than any of the iPhone needs our careful protection? Therefore through someone else's "unfortunately encounter", you can also learn to these "tears of the lesson".


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