Samsung Galaxy S6 edge screen repair guide

  •   The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge revolutionized its design. It owns a curved edges and the screen on the side of the phone. The unique design with impressive display make the Galaxy S6 edge is attractive. If we damage the screen or crack it accidentally, it may spoil your day. Replace a screen digitizer is a sensible option. But how to fix the cracked Samsung Galaxy S6 edge screen?


      Plain and simple, it looks great, and the curved screen can be useful with side bar applications and other uses. The major downside (particularly from our perspective) is that when you have a screen that covers more of the surface of the phone, that can make it more exposed when dropped, resulting in a more fragile screen. Samsung Galaxy devices where the display is acting overly sensitive to touch such as being unable to swipe, launch apps or even type consistently and more. This issue may also arise when certain screen protectors or casing combos are placed on your device trigger screen sensitivity issues. So if you are having any issues relating to your touch screen sensitivity not operating properly weather or not you have a screen protector on this should work for fixing your device. Your Samsung Galaxy becomes very sensitive and unresponsive to various touch gestures and the device basically does not respond to touch as it should naturally.


      AMOLED is the abbreviation for Active-Matrix OLED, a type of display that is found in TVs and mobile devices. AMOLED displays actually pair part of a traditional TFT display with an OLED display. This allows them to offer faster response times than regular OLED displays, which can be prone to ghosting when displaying fast-moving images. AMOLED displays also offer greater power savings than traditional OLED displays. Like traditional OLED displays, though, AMOLED displays may have a more limited lifetime, because of the organic materials used to make them. Also, when viewed in direct sunlight, the images on an AMOLED display are not as bright as what you'd see on an LCD. However, with a rapid advancement in AMOLED panels, more and more vendors have started equipping their products with an AMOLED display. Prime example is Google and Samsung; Samsung has been using AMOLED display technology in its smartphones for a few years now.


      The Galaxy S6 Edge received praise for its "modular" components that make them easy to be replaced, but was hit hard for making it difficult to get inside the smartphone. The Galaxy S6 Edge's battery is "tightly adhered" to the device's insides and tough to get to. We also fears that replacing cracked glass on the screen could result in destroying the display altogether.  The Edge has a tapered screen that differentiates it from the Galaxy S6, which comes with a traditional flat display and bezel. Both products come with a 5.1-inch ultra-high definition screen, 16-megapixel camera and an octa-core processor. Not surprisingly, given that Samsung is a conglomerate that builds all kinds of tech components, the Galaxy S6 Edge is filled with the company's wares. The LCD display repair or replacement of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is necessary, if the glass and display are still intact (no cracks or broken screen), but the screen has other issues. E.g. the screen stays white, grey or black, has broken pixels (spots, stripes or similar) or the background light does not work anymore. In most cases the display cannot be fixed and the LCD display of the Galaxy S6 Edge needs to be replaced.


      All of our screens go through rigorous QC testing to ensure customers to receive the best quality screen parts. Bu the way, this type of screen is compatible with all the following models: S6 Edge G925 / G925V / G925A / G925T / G925F / G925I / G925K /, a Grade O Samsung Galaxy S6 edge screen replacement is firmly recommended.