he said the two fifa 17 ps4 coins players too cautious

  • Mourinho: Smolin and Jones are too cautious about their own injuries

    Apr 28 2017

    Against the Manchester City game soon, Mourinho in the press conference once again talked about the attitude of Smolling and Phil - Jones, he said the two fifa 17 ps4 coins  players too cautious, but also said that next season, Manchester United have these two The position of the player.

    Smolling (knee injury) and Phil Jones (foot injury) has missed Manchester United in the past seven games, Mourinho on Sunday when the two players have called for "brave some" for the team Come forward

    When asked whether the two England internationals have a future in Manchester next season, Mourinho said: "They certainly have, but I hope they will   buy fifa 17 coins be on behalf of the team this season.

    "It's not just about them, it's about their relationship with their mind and mind, cautious, cautious, and prudent, and it's always a matter of caution, which also reflects some of the problems that illustrate the idea that they play such."

    Asked whether the players are now willing to take their own body to risk, Mourinho said: "Do you mean a high level of competition in professional football?

    Mourinho said: "I think we are still fighting for some important things, this fact has become our united power, which has become an incentive for our additional efforts. Our training on Wednesday from three in the afternoon , I came to the training ground at 10:30 am, when I arrived, some players have appeared here, do some rehabilitation training and lightweight training, which is what I said the power.

    "I think the opponent may look at us with a different look, because we did not have  Ibrahimovic, Rojo, Mata, Jones and Smolin. Maybe they will see fifa 17 xbox one coins  us with different eyes, but I think our opponents Not stupid, not naive, they know that our morale is still very strong.