because you still need to learn and still make mistakes," said

  • Carragher: If Michael Keane chooses to return to Manchester United is a wrong decision

    Apr 26 2017

    Carragher said that if Michael - Keane left Burnley this summer, he should join Everton instead of returning to buy fifa 17 coins   Manchester United, going to Everton to play he will benefit more.

    "It's a difficult thing to play at the top of the club at this age, because you still need to learn and still make mistakes," said Carragher. "I think Burnley is good enough for Keane, but it looks This summer's transfer is already a must.

    "There is a negotiation about returning to Manchester United, but I think if Keane returns to Manchester United will be a  fifa 17 ps4 coins  mistake.When you return to Manchester United, he will only be regarded as a youth player, but if his transfer fee reaches 15 million Pound to 20 million pounds, then this will be a huge sign.

    "There is also a rumor about Everton and Keane, and I think it will be the perfect choice.Yes, you will want to win the championship, but the most important thing is to get a stable playing time every week. Defender to 25,26 years old will reach their peak.

    "He obviously has the top defender of the body, he can control the ball, can run, and aggressive, then 21 - year - old Keane chose to leave fifa 17 xbox one coins  Manchester United, it is obviously too early.