but Manchester City coach Guardiola still regarded him

  • Telegraph: Manchester City to buy Bonucci need to pay the price transfer fee

    Apr 21 2017

    If Manchester City wants to get Juventus Zhongwei Bonucci, then they need to  buy fifa 17 coins  pay the cost of defender transfer fee record.

    Manchester City in the summer had asked Bonucci, but Juventus 50 million pounds asking price to make blue moon and discouraged. Although the defender is about 30 years of age, but Manchester City coach Guardiola still regarded him as the preferred goal of this summer after the defense, the blue moon is expected to be the end of the season after the lineup to make a substantial adjustment.

    Chelsea, Manchester United also interested in Bonucci, the defender in December last year, just renewed his contract with Juventus left more than four years time. It seems that the defender's worth is still high, even though he and the team coach Allegri's relationship seems a bit nervous, but if Bonuqi transfer, then his worth is likely to threaten the guard transfer fee record - - Paris Saint-Germain paid £ 50 million for Ruiz in 2014, the Brazilian player is now the most worthy  fifa 17 ps4 coins  defender.

    "Manchester City wants Bonucci and the defender has been the heart of the club, and they know they need to correct the problem this summer," a source said. "Manchester City bought a £ 42.5 million last summer , They believe  with Bonucci partner on the young Zhongwei growth is very helpful.

    If you receive a suitable offer, Manchester City will sell Mangala this summer. Okamaddy joined the team after the performance is also disappointing. And Kong Pani repeated injuries caused by Manchester City in the defense line lack of leadership. Bonucci is considered to be the ideal candidate to replace Kong Pani, although nearly 30 years old, but Guardiola believe that his level can still be maintained for many years.