think his career will be longer than Messi


    "Since he went to Real Madrid, he is still able to spare no effort to contribute to the team everything, but compared to the implementation of 90 minutes of the wonderful performance, at a critical moment to see C Lo to come forward.He will   cheap fifa 17 coins start to think of Bailey Think of his records, those who you think you can never reach the  record, the number of appearances, the number of goals, in my opinion, this is his goal.

    "I think his career will be longer than Messi, I believe that the final  C Luo will score more goals, and continue to complete some incredible achievements.I also believe that C will continue to play a long time, In the game, he has gradually transformed into a goal, more appear in the restricted area, his position will be more close to the goal, and his ability to header is incredible.