became the first to achieve the Champions League record of the

  • Gary Neville: After the transformation of the center, C Luo can play for many years

    Apr 20 2017


    Gary Neville said that C Lo gradually transformed into a center, and he believed that C Lo in the future for many years can  buy fifa 17 coins  also get incredible number of goals.

    Real Madrid super striker C Luo in the team against Bayern quarter-finals staged a hat trick, became the first to achieve the Champions League record of the players.

    Gary Neville, who had worked with C Lo, said: "I ever thought that the future of the day, where is C Luo? I would like to know whether he will continue to move forward, and has been playing to 40 years old The

    "I wonder if he can continue to play in the center position for many years, in such a position, he does not need a single game running 11 km, or 12 km, maybe as long as 7 km, 8 km, or 9 km.

    "But he is also at the crucial moment to complete the scored twice, compared to the excellent performance of the game, C Luo is now in some critical moments of the performance even more dazzling .C Luo also Manchester United, 2006-2008 I think from his team's overall game of the point of view, this is his as a football player played  fifa 17 ps4 coins  the best two seasons.

    "I think his career will be longer than Messi, I believe that the final  C Luo will score more goals, and continue to complete some incredible achievements.I also believe that C will continue to play a long time, In the game, he has gradually transformed into a goal, more appear in the restricted area, his position will be more close to the goal, and his ability to header is incredible.

    "I think we have witnessed a change in the player, we have seen Giggs from a flying wing gradually transformed into a midfielder, and we are now  witnessed  fifa 17 xbox one coins C Luo transformed into a center. He could not run like a defensive player, so he would be a shooter, a poacher, and a player who was better at capturing opportunities.