you asked your team not to be afraid of fear

  • Enrique: 5 goals into tomorrow, let the Nou Camp is dry up


    Barcelona coach Enrique attended the home game with Juventus Champions League knockout press conference, the previous round with Paris before he said Barcelona can enter 6, and today he said Barcelona can buy fifa 17 coins enter five.


    - before and before Paris, you asked your team not to be afraid of fear ....


    If I had any memory of the game, that was the time we were under pressure, and we were going to get mad in the absence of the  fifa 17 xbox one coins ball. We did a good job, but it was not perfect.


    Tomorrow the situation is more similar, but we can not forget, the opponent will have the opportunity, this time Juventus into the three balls, less than the last one, so this time we have to do is to enter five  fifa 17 coins.


    - and Paris game, Barcelona is not impeccable ....


    And can not be so to speak, if like a play on that can be promoted, then we do not have to be impeccable. We have to do is to combat the opponent's morale, but also in the game before let our fans dry up, let our stadium dry up, just like that game before, as long as the Juventus to a certain fut 17 coins extent, our The opportunity is coming.


    - What is the status and confidence of the team?


    As we have been, we have no doubt that we have full confidence, we believe that we have to do, how to do. Of course, or to stabilize the players' emotions, so that they do not be too excited. And then enjoy fifa 17 ps4 coins  such a great night to show us all the energy.


    - on Friday when you ask the fans to be able to support Barcelona, ​​the fans do it now?


    I hope they will not go to 80 points on the left. We are still fighting to the end. And the reversal of Paris is historic, and this time we have to come again, fighting to the last moment. We can score 5 goals in 5 minutes, we have to stick in the end 95  cheap fifa 17 coins minutes, we want to unite together.


    Barcelona no pressure, we have nothing to lose. Opponents are now only one step away from the semi-finals, but they need to decide whether to attack, or defense. We have only one choice, that is attack, attack, and then attack, take a break, and then attack.


    - Higuain said that Barcelona reverses some miracles in Paris, how do you see?


    Tomorrow we have to play the Champions League 1/4 finals of the second round, the first leg we lost 0-3  fifa 17 ps4 coins , but now everything is possible.


    - Pique said that three guards and four guards are not so satisfied with him:


    I think Pique's meaning is that he is a variety of tactics are treated equally. And the players on the pitch, you may play very comfortable, it may play very carefully.


    This problem everyone has, each team has. In the present case, we have fewer lines of defense, more opponents have the opportunity to score fut 17 coins , but we have to adhere to their own tactics, insist on attack and closing down.


    - Do you believe that it can be reversed?


    There is no doubt that if we can reach the first goal, then the Nou Camp will let the second goal come, and then the third goal, do not ask to.