He is good today, he has NBA 2K18 MT

  • He is good today, he has been very important to NBA 2K18 MT us, he is a team player, both scoring and assists , He played very good today, very efficient. "4 minutes 3 assists have been very magical, but Podolski this assists hat trick worthy of a book of things more than that. This season, the Premier League has not yet any player in a single game to complete the assists hat trick


    Podolski is to open this precedent, and by virtue of the assists wearing a hat, Podolski let his name enough With Messi, Iniesta, Franck Ribery, Van Persie, Ozil and other first-line superstar par, these people have done in a single game assists big three yuan. Born in 1985, the Podolski is a medieval player, and when Van Persie last year after the switch to Manchester United, he was


    Arsenal as Robin Man's best substitute, both for the left foot will be young and famous. However, to the overall performance of the season, Podolski is less than Van Persie, the former into 11 goals, the latter into the 22 ball, do not forget, Van Persie than Podolski two years old and campaign for many years, Germany


    People are the first year of the Premiership, and to say the same are 27 years old, Podolski's performance is no less inferior to Van Persie. 29-year-old Van Persie two years ago for Arsenal campaign, a Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins single season into 22 goals, 27-year-old Podols basic season has been gains 11 goals, and the season was just half. Therefore, for the future of Buynba2k.com


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