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  • Zaha these Wenger optimistic about the players enough to choke Arsenal, in the rest of the season journey, Wenger still have to rely on the hands of these players. In addition, although Manchester United NBA Live Coins winger Nanni was approached with Arsenal very close, and even rumors that Arsenal is willing to pay 20 million pounds of its transfer fee, but the report also mentioned that Arsenal get Nani There is a prerequisite, must agree to Walcott winter window cheap to


    Manchester United, the transaction price should only be around 5 million pounds. With 15 million pounds + Walcott for a performance this season, less than the little tiger's Nanni, Arsenal loss does not lose? England League Cup 1/4 final Beijing time this morning war, almost the main effort to do the Arsenal guest and Bradford war 120 minutes after 1 to 1 draw in the penalty shootout to 2 to 3 defeat, Premier League The giants are knocked out by the


    British-English grassroots team. At the same time another quarter-finals, Vera guest to 4 to 1 victory over the Premiership team Norwich, also broke into the semi-finals. Arsenal this morning, the strongest lineup, Cazorla, Podolski, Wilshere and other big names are starting battle, starting 11 average weekly salary of up to 5.9914 million pounds, while the


    Bradford starting lineup The average weekly salary of only 747 pounds, the gap is very poor. But the first break is Bradford. The first 16 minutes, Gary Jones biography, Vel Atkinson header ferry, far point unguarded Gary Thompson in the small restricted area on the edge of the pad hit the upper hand. This is Arsenal in the history of the League Cup Cheap NBA Live Coins sixth time by the fourth level league team break. Since then, the gunmen fought, but Cazorla, Gervinho and bench battle.
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