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  • And less as stand-alone packaged goods, and it's time for FIFA Coins strategy genre to have its turn. "Look what online has done for RPGs over the last 10 years," he points out. "All the other categories are following suit... we're looking forward to building something to be a leader in that space." Although it's too soon for details on the new direction for RTS franchise C&C, first created by


    Westwood Studios in the mid '90s, Van Caneghem explains: "It allows you to do everything you would have expected from a boxed game, but it adds a lot more to it... being connected and connected with players, and persistence, the social elements of playing against each other with other friends."With software as a service, says Van Caneghem, the team will have the opportunity


    To continually add to and grow the game world, a relatively unexplored model for strategy games. And this connectivity will make the C&C brand accessible to more people, too: "What you're seeing with all the social gamers on Facebook... they are actually already playing strategy games whether they know it or not," he says. "Taking a franchise like Command and


    Conquer and expanding it to a wider audience is part of the strategy."Van Caneghem calls EA a "sleeping giant" that has awakened to connected entertainment -- "and it's the same direction I've been going in for  FIFA Ultimate Team Coins the last ten years," he says. "I think now that we're in alignment, this is a great opportunity for me."Van Caneghem previously pursued his vision of connected entertainment when he joined Lars of MMOgo