Arsenal have been quoted for Jenkinson

  • "It was a very competitive and intense competition, and it was very important that both sides did not want to lose the game, and the game was like a lot of games before the end of the first half Tottenham scored A ball, and then in the second half they become a psychological advantage of the party .This game is very intense, Tottenham with two header to open fifa 17 xbox one coins  the door to victory, Diller - Ali header is very beautiful, as well as to his passing Eriksson's ball is also very beautiful.


    About Ricardo-Pereira ... (Nice 23-year-old Portuguese right-back)


    "No, we're not interested in him."


    About Arsenal scandal object Bramar ...


    "He's a very good athletic genius, and I do not think he's ready for the  coins fifa 17  game, but he's similar to the young Ashley Cole."


    About FA ...


    "We have shown our attention to the history of the FA Cup, which is an important event for all.Wins the FA Cup is our annual goal, we all know that the FA Cup game will be in the After the Christmas season, and this is the third round of the game, it is very important and I think the FA Cup event for the Premier League team is a challenge to see if you are ready, especially when you have to face the British crown It's always difficult, and there's a debate every year about how special the FA Cup is, and I'm not really that special, but in April or May the team goes to Winn, It was special when Bury was in the finals, and in January nobody knew who would buy fifa 17 coins  win the FA Cup, but it was a special tournament that had a similar title in every country.