How to Sign Out from Gmail App


    On a Computer


    • Visit
    • Either the user need to click on the account photo, but if the user haven’t uploaded a picture on the profile.
    • At the top right corner of the page at the blue avatar, but if it doesn’t show up then the individual probably see his/her email address and then click on that.
    • Finally the user need to click “Sign Out” and then its done.

    On Android

    According to Google’s Gmail Help page it is only possible to logout of the Gmail App on Android phone or tablet if the entire account from the device is removed or deleted. But there is a way to do the similar task in a different way. For instance: an individual can check email from other account and can protect the same by setting a screen lock and remove access to the Google services. Incase one looses his/her phone or tablet the data, storage and battery life can be preserved by slowing down or turning off Gmail Sync.

    On iPhone and iPad

    The quickest, simplest, and the easiest way to log out of the Gmail App for iOS is to just to remove the entire account from the device. Removing a Google account from the iPhone or iPad will automatically signed out all the other Google apps from the device. This task can be accomplished by opening the Gmail app, taping on menu icon, then clicking on “Manage Accounts”, selecting “Edit”, and then tapping on “Remove”. 

    After following these steps you can easily signout from your Gmail App or else you can contact to Gmail technical support to signout from android phone as well as from iPhone.