How to Fix a Slow Computer Due to McAfee

  • Is McAfee Slowing your computer? Follow these easy steps

    McAfee is one of the top-rated antivirus programs which are used by the billions of users across the world. It protects your computer against the virus, spam, and malware. Hence it provides protection your computer; it also takes too much processor running time that slows your computer than normal. It all caused because your computer’s processor consumes too much speed during the scanning. But you can fix this problem easily after following some troubleshooting steps.

    Method #1

    First of all, open the McAfee on your computer and then you need to change the option which is no longer providing the protection. You can enable the full McAfee version Instead of constant surveillance.

    Method #2

    Open the start menu and then type msconfig into the search bar. Now you need to run the msconfig program. Go to the Startup tab and then uncheck all the boxes that are associated with McAfee.

    Method #3

    Try to run the McAfee antivirus only when you completed all the works at the end of every day. If you do so, then you can stop McAfee from slowing down your computer.

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