How to Recover Google Account

  • Stuck In The Recovery Process of Google Account? Get The Unique Solution

    Google always supports the users, if it is about the lost data, credentials error or anything, google made it easy. So if you have also gone through the same problem, then no need to worry. Now you can recover the Google Account in a quick way.

    How To Recover Google Account?

    • Visit Google Account Recovery Page and for the same click on the link
    • Now enter your email address or registered mobile number and click Continue.
    • Thereafter click I don't my password and then enter your email address in the box provided and then click Continue.
    • Enter your last password which you remembered and click Continue. If you don't remember the password, then click I don't know.
    • Now you will receive the two options, get recovery code in phone or in Email. Choose the one and click on the checkbox and click Continue.
    • If you have selected the phone number option, then check the message sent by the Google. Enter the same in Google Account Recovery Page and then click Continue.
    • If you have selected the Email option, then check the same email and navigate for the Mail sent by the Google. Click on the link and thereafter you will be directed to the Google Account Recovery Page.
    • When you reached the Account Recovery page, enter your New Password and to confirm the same, enter it again.

    Hence, your Google Account is recovered. For further assistance, you may contact Gmail Technical Support. The techie provides the best and effective solution to any issue.

    Now enjoy the features of the Google such as Gmail, Google plus, Google Map and much more. All app in one place, so stay connected with the Google to get the updated features.

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