How to Make Norton stop deleting a file


    Norton Antivirus stops viruses, worms, spyware, and bots from attacking your system. It secures the system against all types of malicious threats. For faster, fewer and shorter scans, Norton serves innovative intelligence driven technology. Prevent your system against virus infected emails and websites with a quick assistance from Norton Setup. Last but not the least, Norton blocks browser exploits rising the confidence of users for surfing the internet. Feeling secure while keeping yourself in touch is what Norton aims for.

    By detecting infected files, Antivirus programs automatically place them in quarantine which blocks access to these files. In such case, visit Norton quarantine section and make Norton stop deleting a file. Follow the below instructions to get a clear gist of the picture:

    • Go to Norton Antivirus software and from the four options viewing on the display, press the icon of “History”.
    • A page will be prompted that shows all your recent history, from the drop- down menu of show, select the “Quarantine”option.
    • From the right side pop up of “Recommended Action”, click on “Restore” option and then hit on “Yes”.
    • Close the window and go to the “Start BlueStacks” program and right click on the file that says “Norton File Insight”.
    • From a prompted window, tap on “Trust Now” and click on “Close” option.

    It is easy to reach Norton support team by simplify dialling their support number and hearing out from them. The technocrat identifies true problem that users face and offers best and sustainable solutions over the call 24/7. They are trusted and provide timely assistance that deploys efficient support within a short period of time.

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