How to Create Google Adsense Account

  • Wiiling to create AdSense account: Give it a read

    To create Google adsense account users need to follow these steps:

    Before creating the account, users need to complete these requirements:

    • Firstly the user needs to have a valid website.
    • The user must be above the age of 18 else the user should apply utilizing the name of a guardian who gives the authorization to do as such.
    • Now let’s know about the steps:
    • Firstly the user needs to go to the”Sign up page for AdSense”. There the users need to create a new account or he/she can use the old Google account.
    • Provide the website details.
    • Then submit the AdSense Application and fill in the form correctly as it requires the personal information as well as your account information. The users need to make sure that the bank account name as well as the payee name are exactly the same.
    • Accept the AdSense policies and put a check mark.
    • Click on “submit”.
    • Then, Sign up with the existing mail account or if the user had made a new one, he/she can use that one.
    • Once the sign up process is done, the user needs to add AdSense codes to the blog.
    • When all these steps are done the user needs to submit their tax information as well enter the pin which the user will get via e-mail.

    The Google Technical Support executives are accessible all day long to help its users a full time answer for their issues that they face regarding their Google account. The Technical group executives are very qualified, persuaded and in addition prepared individuals as well as experienced technicians who have every solution for different technical and non technical issues.

    Google mail offers e-mail and telephone technical support to its users.

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