How do I do a factory reset on my laptop


    Using the laptop is the basic need of today's generation since you can not think of a formal life or work without using any computing device. So you have to deal with the laptop in the proper manner else it may start to face the problem. But even if using it with the utmost care occasionaly your system will start to create the issues since it also needs some process to reset itself, being a laptop user you have to consider this thing in your mind as well and hence you have to reset your asus laptop from time to time.

    Now if you are a complete novice asus laptop user and you do not have the proper idea of what actions you have to perform in order to reset it, then you are on to the right place since this article is dedicated to Factory Reset of the asus laptop. So the steps involved in the process are written below:-

    • First of all you have to back up all your data that you do not wish to loose and followed by restarting the laptop.
    • Then you have to simply press F8 key down in order to get the option of advanced boot options.
    • Once you reach there then you will find an option of repair your computer, so simply select it followed by the enter key.
    • You also have to provide the language information to the resetting process.
    • And when you move forward of this page you will see asus factory image restore option, followed by clicking on the launch option.
    • After that you have to just opt for whether you wants to format the hard drive or not.
    • And then in the final steps you have to tap next and you are done with this process.

    Now just in case you have some issues regarding the above process then you need not worry and instead of that you have to simply give the call to the experts from the ASUS Technical Support.