How to Use ASUS GPU Tweak

  • How to use Asus GPU Tweak?

    GPU Tweak permits you to optimize fan speeds, clock speeds and voltage on up to four graphics cards. Do you have any idea how to use GPU tweak? If no, then read this article and apply the below instructions:

    Use GPU Tweak for Memory Overclocking:

    Step 1: First of all, open GPU Tweak.

    Step 2: Move the slider for the memory to up to 100MHZ using the mouse and then offset value will tell you that how far MHZ has been changed.

    Step 3: Apply the Setting.

    Step 4: Now open FurMark and then run the benchmark.

    Step 5: Now frequency is increased by 1000MHZ when the system passes.

    Step 6: After that, apply and run FurMark again.

    Step 7: You need to repeat the procedure until system fails the benchmark test.

    Step 8: Now run the benchmark again to check. If it passed successfully, then stop it.

    Step 9: Now reset GPU Tweak to default.

    For any further information on Asus GPU Tweak and its usage, contact Asus Customer Service and get reliable assistance from the technical professionals. These professionals are much trained and they have a detailed knowledge to decode multiple issues. When you contact with the professionals, they will listen your every queries very carefully and provide a best in class assistance which can help you for using GPU Tweak of Asus. You can get this assistance at 24/7 hours.

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