Unblock your blocked Facebook account immediately with these ea

  • Facebook account lock issue is getting quite persistent these days with the increase in unauthorized access of personal or official Facebook account.  Be, it is due to any reasons, the main cause behind it is human negligence as users do not maintain their Facebook account in a secure manner which can be done by changing password on regular basis and keeping a record for the same with them. The generally keep on making attempts accessing Facebook account with  invalid login details that eventually leads to locking of Facebook account as server resembles it as cyber crime activities done to hack the account. There are several other reasons behind sudden locking of Facebook

    • Sending multiple friend Requests to unknown people
    • Creating numerous fan page or group and sending invitation to your contact list
    • Publishing web links  on the Facebook wall that do not have any relevancy with any subject
    • Posting images and videos on the Facebook wall which violates the terms of Facebook inc
    • Sending pokes to Facebook users who are not known to you
    • Using abusive language on the Facebook wall for a specific person or group or community
    • Unsolicited advertising of prohibited product or services
    • User login into Facebook account from multiple device at same instance

    Problems Associated with Sudden Locking of Facebook Account

    • Cannot create post on Facebook account
    • Unable to change profile and cover page image
    • Problem accessing Facebook wall to accept friend requests
    • Can’t publish updates on the business fan page
    • Issues with changing account password
    • Unable to access chat application to interact with friends


    How to Unlock Facebook Account

    There is a tendency among users to get worried whenever any unfamiliar activities are occurred in their Facebook account. They do not have any idea regarding how to unlock Facebook account. For the convenience of the user, Facebook Inc has revealed some essential steps that can be implemented by users to get their social networking account unlocked These Facebook account unlocking steps are quite easy to understand and implement that user can also execute these steps easily using his/her Mac, Android or iOS device other than Windows device as OS do not create hindrance when it comes to unleashing the Facebook from a tip grip which user cannot break due to their lack of knowledge or skills.


    Here are the steps to unlock Facebook account in an easiest manner:

    • Open a web browser on the PC or Smartphone device and access Facebook account using correct login credentials.
    • Once the login is successfully implied, a new page will be displayed on the locked Facebook account that shows option “Get help from friends”
    • Once the contact page is displayed, select few friends with whom you converse on regular basis through phone or any of the messenger.
    • Once the previous step is implied successfully, click on continue button.
    • As soon as you press the continue button, an auto-generated security code is sent to all the friends by Facebook Inc
    • User need to contact those friends one by one to collect the security code from them and use them to unlock the Facebook account by providing that verification code in the box corresponding to each and every user.
    • Once the code is validated, Facebook will be sending the instruction at the registered email address of Facebook users implementing which their Facebook account will be unlocked within 1-2 business days.


    Some users somehow lack knowledge to implement these steps provided above to unlock Facebook account. In such case, the users can contact Facebook contact number at +1-855-777-5686 who offer assistance through email once user creates a ticket to place request for unlocking Facebook account. But the delayed reply from Facebook Inc through email create problem for the users as he/she does not possess enough knowledge to implement above mentioned steps that seems to be quite complex for them to unlock Facebook account at the earliest. The best solution for Facebook users in this scenario is to contact independent tech support companies having qualified & certified experts that offer Facebook customer service 24x7-365 days whenever users dial Facebook help phone number rather than making unnecessary attempts to resolve Facebook looking issues from their end as it may make things more critical or your account may get suspended on permanent basis.

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