Priston Tale II is going to release its mysterious

  • Priston Tale 2 Eons October 14th 2010 will mark the start of the Closed Beta Testing ("CBT") phase for Priston Tale 2 the revolutionary 3D fantasy Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game ("MMORPG") that chronicles the heroes and heroines' journey to save Priston from the evil Midranda.

    After the exclusive sneak peak for 30 lucky players the week before more heroes and heroines have gathered in the Priston Tale 2 communities on Facebook Twitter and game forums in anticipation of the various ways and means to secure exclusive CBT account codes to play the game before its official launch.

    Fans can expect a different gameplay experience in Priston Tale 2. One of the exciting features that have been introduced is the skill tree system with which players can plan their jobs and prepare their character development in advance. While the old skill system only allowed players to see skills that were available for purchase only after certain levels this new skill tree system allow players to preview the full range of available skills from the very start.

    For gamers who are new to the MMORPG genre there are many quests available to aid in training and leveling up and quests will now be a cinch to locate as vast improvements have been made to the individual world maps for a better gaming experience. Additionally there are fascinating pets that can be acquired from these quests to aid the players in their battles by offering buffs.

    Priston Tale II publisher in Taiwan has just announced that Priston Tale II is going to release its mysterious third race--Sopphetio soon. And many players rushed to the official site to get an eager preview of the looks of Sopphetio's two classes Rogue and Pilgrim.

    Skilled in the arts of alchemy totem and incantation Sopphetio is an addition to Priston Tale II's two already released races Tempskron and Morion.

    Sopphetio once fostered by Madeleine to confront Miryan and Tracicon has now become powerful enough to reject the continuing dominance of Madeleine who in turn made up her mind to eliminate the new threat to avoid all her previous work and effort to go for nothing. At this crucial moment Sopphetio rose and fought to prove that they are strong enough to dominate the continent.

    Sopphetio differs wholly in appearance and skills with the first two races which offers players more options and adds to the fun of gameplay. There are two Sopphetio classes namely Rogue and Pilgrim. The former class specializes in surprise attack while the latter excels in cursing and summoning skill. Rogue is agile and quick in movement or action and features high sensitivity and attack power as well as smart fighting skills. If got trained for a period of time they can transfer class to become Killer or Hunter.

    Priston Tale II is the sequel to 2001's Priston Tale. Fans of the first game will recognize some of the environments characters and enemies from the first installment. This sequel will have a completely new look courtesy of the reliable Unreal Engine.

    One of the biggest changes has been to the class system with the new "seesaw" method of skill development -- classes are dropped when others are used more. Priston Tale II is expected to hit beta for international audiences outside Korea in 2009.