World of Warships and it's free-to-play

  • World of Warships online Gold Historical warfare MMO developers have announced the release of update 0.5.15 for World of Warships. This latest update brings campaigns an alternative Japanese Destroyer Branch and dynamic Divisions.

    Campaigns have been introduced into the game and these provide great opportunities for beginners to practice new skills and tactics whilst also allowing experienced players to test their skills. Their are currently two campaigns available: ‘Science is Victory’ is a long campaign that is perfect for the novice player whilst the shorter campaign ‘Honourable Service’ is ideal for more experienced players in higher tier ships.

    Japanese Destroyers have always been well known for their concealed torpedo attacks but now a new branch of destroyer is being introduced that makes them more openly aggressive. The new Alternative Branch of destroyers includes the Tier V Minekaze Tier VI Hatsuharu Tier VII Shiratsuyu and the Tier VIII Akizuki and will have an increase in artillery power and a torpedo reload booster consumable. There are also several new ships including the Tier VII Akatsuki Tier VII Shiratsuyu Tier VIII Akizuki and the Yugumo Tier IX.

    Dynamic Divisions have been introduced which allow players to set up Divisions quicker and easier. Players will now be able to create a Division in battle and invite players to join. For those who don’t want to lead this system makes it much easier to join a Division.

    If you have been feeling like battling ships but don't have a ship to battle there's a fix for that. It's called World of Warships and it's free-to-play.

    Wargamings strategic action game World of Warships basically puts you in the middle of a world... of warships. There are tons of war vessels tech modules to level up and oceans to dominate in the game and we've got something to get you on your way: a game key.

    The key will give you a Shipsmas Holiday Pack upon registering a new account. The key will unlock 250 doubloons 7 days of premium time and a special premium ship!

    You wouldn’t expect a game as serious as World of Warships to have such an adorable mascot but that’s the case with Captain Bad Advice. Appearing in a series of videos beginning earlier this year Bad Advice lends a humorous hand to the hugely-popular MMO that many in its community look forward to seeing. To learn more about the captain and the process that went into creating him Hardcore Gamer spoke with animator Ilya Mozzhukhin. Be sure to stick around for a candid talk with the captain himself.

    In the spring of 2015 the Open Beta Test of World of Warships was approaching and we decided to animate one of our articles the one that was a guide for new players on how to move from the World of Tanks to the “Ships.” It was written in a fun way offering players obviously incorrect advice on tactics. I believe you can still find this article on the developers blog. Since we didn’t have any constraints in terms of visual style we decided to make it cartoony and involve the characters with their own backstory.