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    Why it works: Often people feel manipulated into doing something ("The ice cream social just won't happen without your help!"). If you can address the problematic pattern of one person's doing all the work, you sidestep the manipulation. And if you say no, it might force others (who never get asked) to say yes..

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    Regardless what PTI has gained from the sit ins, DJ Butt has returned as victor who received Rs57.82 million thus charging an average of Rs458,904 per day. According to an internal financial analysis, opening balance of "Azadi March Fund" was Rs54.148 million until August 1. As many as Rs246.76 million funds were received from then onward amounted to Rs300.91 million.

    The joke that had you rolling on the floor yesterday may not have the same effect on your foreign contact. Remember, your reader will be translating what you say word for word and who knows what you end up really saying. Besides, humor is a personal thing.

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