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  • Once buy wow gold again, the Free Realms team at Sony Online Entertainment has been busy improving the game for its players. This past weekend, Free Realms introduced Rides a mount system for its players!

    After the announcement was made, I was given the special opportunity to have Stephen Bokkes, Lead Designer of Free Realms, answer a few questions about the new system.

    What made the team decide to introduce mounts in Free Realms?

    There were a lot of good reasons for the team to introduce Rides in Free Realms. However, the simplest answer is that we did it because players wanted them. We had quite a bit of buzz on our forums about the cool new pets we introduced lately. It was only a matter of time before players started to ask for creatures to ride on. Player Rides are something we have always wanted to have in Free Realms and everyone on the team was excited to make them happen.

    What kind of mounts will be available?

    Right now we have T Rex dinosaur and Dragon Rides, each available in an assortment of colors. In the future we hope to offer more type of exotic beasties, and possibly even mechanical rides!

    Are mounts currently ground only, or will there be flying mounts introduced (either now, or in the future)?

    All rides are currently ground only for now.

    What will be the approximate cost for mounts?

    The T Rex rides are offered at the low price of 405 SC, while the Dragons go for 495 SC.

    Are they decorative only, or will mounts offer a speed bonus? Are there any other bonuses associated with the mounts?

    All Rides grant a speed bonus of roughly 150% of normal player run speed. Aside from that, the other bonus is being able to cruise around in style and show off your awesome Ride to all your friends!

    Can mounts be used everywhere, including launch pads and dungeons?

    Rides can go almost anywhere your player can go in the world: they run, they jump, they swim, they even bounce on launch pads. They do not, however, follow you into any of the mini game activities, including combat.

    Are the mounts going to have any special animations, either idle or activated?

    Right now, rides have the standard suite of animations. We have plans to update them with some sweet new moves. I go into more detail, but I don want to spoil the surprise. :)

    Special thanks again to the Free Realms team, especially Stephen and Taina, for taking their time out to answer some questions! Remember to check out the Rides, which can be found in the Station Cash Marketplace for Free Realms. Screenshots of some of the new rides are included below!.

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