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  • I mentioned buy ESO gold xbox the miserable experience that was Gamergate before and it's a fair description of the episode, regardless of what side of the divide you sit. Supporters of the grassroots movement have found themselves isolated from traditional sites and gaming media, while opponents see a cause that has been co opted by misogynists, confused demands and a general misunderstanding of the machinations of the industry. It certainly doesn't help your case when public forums are being used to conduct and promote the debasement of your so called enemies, who have even been forced to justify why incidents such as the publishing of their personal information for the consumption of the interconnected planet qualify as threatening..

    Think that the console wars are intense? There's another ongoing war for your living room and it could have major impacts on the gaming industry. You know cable's going away. But do you know how to profit? There's $2.2 trillion out there to be had. One of the complaints levied against Oblivion and Skyrim is that neither title was like Morrowind. Well, that's to be expected as they take place in entirely different regions of Tamriel, but you just can't please some people. Those same people may be pleased to know then some of the creatures from Morrowind are back in The Elder Scrolls Online..

    I find it interesting that the stiffest competition for both the PS4 and XB1 actually comes from their own predecessors, rather than each other. The vast majority of gamers will stick happily with their PS3s and 360s, enjoying their large game libraries (and functional home media streaming) and even getting to play most of the games that are meant to be tempting them to invest in the next generation. They'll watch gameplay videos of Watch Dogs on PS4 and think, "Oh, I'd love to upgrade." Then they'll just buy a copy on PS3..

    Wrapping up February will be what many believe will be the Wii U's first real killer app: Rayman Legends. Forget New Super Mario Bros U, with its screen tapping block placement. Rayman legends is the game that will show exactly how many cool innovations the Wii U gamepad can add to a platform game.

    While these are the largest markets in East Asia, other countries were represented in the New Stars Area as well, including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Latin American countries. It was fascinating to see the talent from those countries represented, because people tend to overlook these markets. Unfortunately, there weren't too many large game development schools represented at this year's TGS, but they did have their own dedicated section.

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