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  • Any cheap ESO gold traditional style MMORPG out there.If that's not good enough reason to try out The Elder Scrolls Online, read some of the compelling features of the game below.Pre order The Elder Scrolls Online now!The Elder Scrolls Online PC/Mac Buy NowAlliancesAlso there are three main alliances, each with a distinctive feel for each individual player.

    The CompanionsThe Companions are a group of mercenaries who take jobs from around Skyrim. These include some pretty heroic deeds such as rescuing a hostage, returning stolen heirlooms, intimidating people, or hunting animals that are disturbing someone's home. But one of their biggest kept secrets is that their ruling party, the Circle, are werewolves. They're not bad guys, though. This group was pretty good. The storyline is that a rival group of werewolf hunters seeks to kill you and your friends and you have to fight them off to the end. Now let's go over the rewards you get after completing the quest line:

    What's more, the gameplay looks real. It doesn't look like something that's been tarted up for a trailer, but rather looks like something you'll actually be playing. Some commenters on the Internet claim it doesn't look as good as earlier games, but there's a lot to be said for releasing actual in game footage. It sets realistic expectations and prevents the inevitable cycle of hype and disappointment you see with other games. And perhaps best of all, it did not feel like it was announced too early. Consider the slow launch of Duke Nukem Forever, or the wait we're enduring now for Final Fantasy XV? The former released to universal disdain 14 years after it was announced, while the latter is still in some evolved form of development hell. Announced in May 2006, it's nowhere close to shipping.

    High King Emeric of the Daggerfall Covenant tells his followers that the people are suffering, starving, and not getting what they need due to the "pretender" that sits on the throne and rules Tamriel. Emeric is a Breton who gained his alliance with the Redguards through marriage and gained the alliance he has with the Orcs by presenting them with a war treaty, which also allowed them their homeland which was restored, therefore they owe a great debt to Emeric.

    And if you excuse that one outlying supernova, things look starkly different. We had The Old Republic, EA great attempt at finally knocking the crown from Blizzard reigning champion, that went free to play six months after release, an admission of defeat that all but sounded the death knell for the big budget subscription based MMO. And as we watch The Elder Scrolls Online fail to capture the success of its single player predecessors, it feels more like a last gasp than a great new hope.



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