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  • There is wow cheap gold a fundamental personality difference between those who take on the responsibilities of a general manager and those who become a coach. A GM is, essentially, a buyer. His job is to buy the pieces of a team, the players. Buyers, by their very nature are skeptics. To get the best value, they don't believe anything they're told. They think everyone is out to screw them, and it takes many trips to the trough to gain their confidence. A coach is, essentially, a salesman.

    A coach's job is to sell his system, plays, workouts, etc. to the players. A coach is in the business of gaining the confidence of his players. Why do you think we hear so often from Coach Gibbs how much he loves this or that player? It's because he has no natural skepticism. Coach Gibbs is a salesman; he loves everybody. (Have you ever heard him say something negative about anybody?) So, too is Mr. Snyder, a salesman. (Don't know about the love part, never seen him quoted)

    So, with two salesmen running the operations it seems impossible to approach free agency with the healthy level of skepticism that a good buyer, GM, should have. None of this is a criticism of the scouting department. That may, or may not, be another matter. But if that scouting department were reporting to a GM, they'd have to answer the "prove it to me" demand regularly, which would improve their skills, too.

    So, Messrs Snyder and Gibbs, my plea to you is to hire a skeptic. Outstanding as you are at the jobs that you do, you lack the healthy amount of skepticism that any good buyer must have. Mr. Snyder, you may consider this a job application. I don't need the title, because I know that the Redskins don't need a GM. You just need someone with some skepticism when those other salesmen come a calling: the agents. Want to know why? Because each year Dan Snyder sells them to you. And you buy right into it.

    I think perhaps I'm done for the season. Will curl up in my "B n G" blanket and hibernate until mini camp. Want to know why? Because each year Dan Snyder sells them to you. And you buy right into it.

    I think perhaps I'm done for the season. Will curl up in my "B n G" blanket and hibernate until mini camp.

    bornafan, accepted. But the point of the Chile's blog starter is about the conflict between the buyer/seller mentality in the Skins' FO. I completely agree that Mr. $nyder is (or was) a seller of the Skins brand. [He had to turn that over to St. Joe when he realized that his public association with the team started becoming a liability for the brand, for sales.]

    For his buyer/seller role in football operations, however, I don't think he fits into either box. He has a special box called the owner's box, which entitles him to meddle . and if Scooby Doo taught me anything, its that its always those meddling kids who ruin everything. He's not a football guy, he's a marketing guy. HIS football guy is Vinny Cerrato. Yes, he bought Joe Gibbs, but that was to protect the brand. Mr. $nyder still keeps a hand in personnel decisions . and his decisions are informed only by a seller (St. Joe) and an enabler (the VP of Player Personnel).

    Chile is absolutely right. What the Skins need is a skeptical buyer. I'm so jealous of Baltimore that B Sun article about Ozzie Newsome is still frying wires in my brain. The Skins need a football GM . someone who can speak Gibbs. A character guy, preferrably one of those guys who was first on the field and last off. Super smart wouldn't hurt either. Hell, I'd be good with someone like Tiki Barber (he's a UVa guy, right?). How has Charles Mann been doing as a restaurant guy? I'm looking for someone (a former player) who can develop, stick to, adapt, and eke some profit out of a business plan.

    If they hired a GM when Gibbs was hired he'd have probably said:

    Year 1: Eat some bad contracts and accelerate cap hits. Hire new coaches with a good system to implement.

    Year 2: Coaches further refine their systems. Existing players feel comfortable in the system. Keep your picks in all 7 rounds, plug in some holes with FA's and with some luck make the playoffs.

    Year 3: Maybe trade up for a position of need. Players should be well versed in the systems. Make a strong push for the playoffs.

    Great news fans! The 'skins are already winning the off season in the NFC East. The Tuna may go leaving the Cowpies worse than they started same for the Gi ants and Coughlin. Hell, no more Barber and possibly keeping Coughlin = good for the 'skins. Eagles, not yet in the offseason. But the more Garcia wins the more the controversy in Philly with McNabb and the one thing that can stop Wilbon's best friend is controversy. Oh, did I mention games against the Dolphins, Bills, Lions, Pack, Vikings, Bucs, and Cards? Don't forget Saunders new improved offense against the Bears. Or, Grilliams innovative way of using Achuleta as the 12th man turning around the defense. Please update me immediately.

    I thought I would also bring up all of your spirits quickly. My boss who has been a Skins fan forever and is the ultimate skeptic about the team tells me yesterday out of the blue: "The Redskins are going to the Superbowl next year." I thought he was joking. "No. I am serious. The offense will be the best in the league and the defense will get its act together. The schedule will be relatively light. They will go to the Superbowl."

    I don't care how old you are or how many kids/grandkids you have, male or female, you NEED to purchase these two things: The Game's new album and the Lincoln biography by Goodwin called "Team of Rivals." Two triple your pleasure, read the book while listening to the album.

    Reality bites, out of those teams, who do you think has any chance of improving? Of those, the only one who seem to have a prayer seems to be Arizona. If AZ goes heavy into the draft and FA to rebuild an offensive line, I fear the possibilities of the Edge, Leinart, Anquan Boldin, and Larry Fitzgerald (with Leonard Pope ready to step into year 2 at TE). If they do land Norm Chow, I'm seeing a decent regular season team . their current defense is better than the Colts'.

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