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  • Goodgame Empire gold wow buy lets you experience the thrill of running your own castle. As a fledgling lord, you will spend the early parts of the game trying to build up a proper castle that can produce enough resources to fund its expansions and can defend itself from outside attacks.

    If you are looking to get into this surprisingly complex and strategic browser mmo, then you will need a bit of a helping hand. This guide runs down some of the most essential reminders and tactics for setting yourself up in the first few hours. These tips either reinforce what has already been explained, or point out a detail that you might have missed.

    In short, this guide is not a replacement to the game initial tutorials. Instead, treat it more as a companion guide that will add a few more nuggets of wisdom. Hopefully, these will propel your early expansion in Goodgame Empire. So let get started!

    Complete new assignments obsessively

    In Goodgame Empire, beginners would do well to simply complete one quest after another. There is the temptation to go off script and build what you want, but there plenty of time to do that in the future.

    Assignments also earn you XP, which you will need to level up and unlock more building options for your castle, so why not get them over and done with now so you can get into the meatier core of this surprisingly deep no download mmorpg?

    Upgrade production buildings the soonest you can

    Production buildings like the Stone Quarry, Woodcutter and Farmhouse are essential to the growth of your empire wealth and population. Left click each production building to see when the next upgrade is coming because doing so will earn you significantly more resources per hour.

    Time your tax collections precisely

    Coins are also a valuable production currency, usually need to purchase troops. To maximize your Coin income, you will need to master the art of timely tax collection. Always be aware of the little timer icon on the lower right of your game screen, which tells you when taxes are due for collecting. When the timer hits the one minute mark, it better to drop everything you are doing and anticipate the collection. Goodgame Empire is engrossing enough to make you lose track of time and earn sub optimal tax Coins.

    Add storage regularly, not when you forced to

    Stopping production simply because you do not have enough storage for your incoming resources is a big waste. This is why you need to keep a close eye on your production storage capacity. A minimum 20% capacity buffer could be a great starting threshold for an MMO beginner, which means once resources have reached 80% of the maximum, you should build to expand capacity.

    Zoom with the middle mouse button

    Scroll down the middle mouse button to zoom in or scroll up the same button to zoom out. It better to get used to this functionality early on since it will be an important convenience control for managing your ever growing castle grounds.

    Relocate and rotate buildings for an efficient castle layout

    Speaking of the castle layout, you need to know that there is a "Relocate" button. Clicking the "Relocate" button will unhinge the building and let you move it elsewhere with no cost. You can also rotate buildings, especially those are too long or too wide, and need to be positioned at a certain orientation to fit properly.

    Store up Rubies for now, but use them up wisely

    Some Goodgame Empire players conserve their Rubies like it is some treasure that should be kept in a locked vault. But it is a useful, production boosting resource that if spent properly can really speed up your progress. For now, beginners will find little benefit in using their rubies to complete or hasten the production of units and buildings. Save them up in the meantime because in a short while, when your production times lengthen to minutes and maybe even hours, using up the Rubies to shave off 50% off your production time will be a big time saver. In general, use up Rubies when you are planning to erect expensive buildings and mass produce troops for your castle.

    Consider upgrading to a premium account

    Premium accounts are a good bang for your buck if you in any way planning to play Goodgame Empire in the long run. Premium account owners of the strategy MMORPG enjoy a lot of free services such as free recruitment and production slots and tax collection cancellation, as well as no cost changes to castle names and coat of arms. The cheapest subscription is the 12 month Premium subscription. Choose this if you are hooked to Goodgame Empire and are ready to become one of its more hardcore players.

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