Sony has active a preliminary

  • Sony has active a "preliminary agreement" with Viacom to FIFA 17 Coins accompany its cable channels — MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and added — to a planned internet-based TV annual for PlayStation, Bravia and added devices, according to a address from The Wall Street Journal.Sony's online TV annual affairs reportedly awning alive programming from cable channels and accouterment on-demand content.


    According to WSJ, the annual is aiming to barrage afterwards this year and will initially be accessible on an bearding PlayStation animate and Bravia HDTVs.Variety arise beforehand this year that Sony was analytic to bang deals with at atomic two aloft agreeable providers for an online TV annual for a 2013 launch.At E3 2013, CEO of Sony Pictures Ball Michael Lynton said the company's ball analysis planned to accompany its agreeable to PlayStation 4."Sony Pictures will do aggregate in our adeptness to drive the success of the PlayStation 4 by developing programming with gamers in apperception and accouterment admission to absurd content," he said. Sony's Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited offerings are planned to hit the next-gen animate at launch.The PlayStation 4 is slated to admission ancient in the fourth quarter.