Hunter X Hunter Online is a brand new anime MMORPG from unigame

  • 1. Exquisite Graphics
    Hunter X Hunter Online is developed by, what kinds of configuration can make the best graphics and effect? As far as we know, the first test version has been optimized a lot, but the optimization only aims at medium and low configuration. It seems that the developer have considered the mainstream Browser configuration in US, and they want to give the best experience to most of players first.
    2. First Kill
    I think all of the players who can play the game want to get the First Kill, but who can? As the last monster during the test, the official emphasizes that Rathian is very difficult to defeat. The one who kill it must will catch everyone's eyes, he will be the hero of Hunter X Hunter game. Do you want to get the First Kill if you can play the game? And which monster do you most want to kill?
    3. The Balance of Ultimate
    Hunter X Hunter Online adds an Ultimate for every weapon, it makes battles be more exciting. But if it can't balance all weapons, it's better not to remove the function.
    7. Localization
    Hunter X Online series is famous for its difficult challenge, now it will be released in US, what will the developer do to localize the game? Will English players like it? We will get the answer soon.
    4. Activation Key?
    The last but not the least, WHEN CAN WE GET A BETA KEY OR WHEN CAN WE PLAY THE GAME? There is a vote asking players "What do you most concern about the first test of Hunter X Hunter game?" 99% players answered: Have No Key. Haha, so Unigame, just be generous to players.
    The next page is the latest revealed screenshots.
    Hunter X Hunter Online (Unigame) recently unveiled some gameplay videos by Unigame Games. The hxh online game is quite popular and the debut test has attracted lots of attention. Here we share you guys with the detail introduction of the gameplay from MMO Culuture, check it out below.