New Bordeaux is roughly the same size as Mafia City

  • It was critical to be authentic to the impression while not confining ourselves to the literal lay of the land. For example, we added elevation to lift the players off that flat Louisiana plain, giving them jumps, hills, and vista points… as well as old smuggling tunnels under the city.


    Creating New Bordeaux went through a lot of iterations. Mafia City, We took iconic elements from New Orleans like the city skyline, horseshoe river bend, and of course the French Quarter and Canal Street. We then compressed these large themed areas into memorable highlights.


    Specific landmarks were placed in relatively the same local place as the real New Orleans. People familiar with NOLA could find these locations in the game. And vice-versa... players familiar with New Bordeaux can find several of these landmarks in real life.


    Two major layouts came before the final one was discovered. The third layout had several larger changes early on like the size of the Bayou and splitting Delray Hollow in half to create Barclay Mills.


    Mafia City YOTTA GAMES

    You can see more versions and details of this process in New Bordeaux − Yotta Game.

    City Life Foundations

    Two elements affected the creation of each district: what was it like living there in 1968 and how did French colonists shape New Bordeaux 150 years before? Trade, commerce, forts, and ports influenced the layout and neighborhood development. Plantations also impacted how the city grew over the past century.

    *Trivia: Bourbon City was the internal name for the city. It wasn't until we were outside between meetings when François Giuntini suggested New Bordeaux.


    Mafia City YOTTA GAMES

    It was important for the city simulation to have people from different cultures coming and going from where they lived and where they worked. This was the basis for the racial tension. It extended beyond African-Americans and included Haitians, Irish, Dixie clans, even Cubans and the French at one point.


    The size of mafia game's world is moderately large for a fully-connected modern city. New Bordeaux is roughly the same size as GTA V's Los Santos.