Duel Evolution follows the 'speed duel' beginner format of 2016

  • yugioh duel evolution follows the 'speed duel' beginner format of 2016's Saikyo Card Battle, and I speak no hyperbole when I say it cuts the yugioh game in half. You put 20 cards in your deck instead of 40, start with 4,000 life points instead of 8,000, start with four cards in your hand instead of five, have one main phase instead of two, and have three board spaces instead of five. Duel Evolution also lacks Synchro, XYZ and Pendulum monsters, which severely limits how you can use your extra deck to make up for your deck's weaknesses.

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Evolution Battle City

    There are also special spaces for story moments as well as obtaining Support Items. Support Items allow you to dictate how many spaces you move, from one to three spaces. These are great for saving your dice and also strategically placing yourself for more Support Items or Millennium Coins.

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    Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Evolution Mission

    One issue this deck will run into is the current Cyber Angel meta deck which moves quickly so it can hurt your Exodia build since things could be wrapped up in a matter of turns. This build can be a lot of fun and that’s really what’s important in a game like this.
    Until then, we have this video to spark our imagination.
    A new box of cards is also being released for purchase within the store with each pack costing 200 gems. The card game yu gi oh come with 12 cards and a mix of rarities that include some essential cards like Kunai with Chain and Sphere Kuriboh. Log-in ticket bonuses will also be available that’ll players can use to obtain several different cards, three Super Rares and three Ultra Rares each. Some cards that are no longer available from the Card Trader and other previously exclusive cards will also be available. Free Gems will also be distributed to players as part of the one-year celebration to make purchasing those packs easier, but there is a limit on how many packs players can purchase.

    If you don’t know the basics of Yu-Gi-Oh!, then let me tell you that the concept itself is really easy, but the bevy of alternatives that the card present can make it very complex. The majority of times you will have to deal with monster, spell or trap cards. Monster cards have an attack and defense value associated with them, and monsters set in attack position can target other monsters during your turn.

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