Runescape will become "pay to win" if Jagex will sell their com

  • People saying that Runescape will become "pay to win" if Jagex will sell their company is a bit weird. Because at the moment you are able to buy rsgp really easily, you are able to hire someone to train for you, you are able to buy fire cape etc (you are pretty much able to buy everything you want with real life money.). And of course there is all these bots. So to be honest even though there would be some ways to buy shit in the game it will not change that much.

    This could be a way to get a lot more players to play Runescape and in my mind that would be really awesome. But of course if they will stop listening the community it will suck.

    Right now the game has very intense botting rules and regulations, most of the rs gold farmers are companies in Asia. imagine what loosening up on bots and farming would do? I think they're eventually going to straight up sell the gp. This would make them millions because people will still buy into it.

    Selling runescape account with combat lvl 107 in f2p and in p2p is 117 all the stats are good like slayer lvl 80 summoning lvl 64 att 94, def 80, str 85, i am looking for rsgp inbox me if u are interested. you know what worries me about buying RS gold? Every site I have been to for buying osrs gold has terrible terrible grammar... which leads me to believe they are some sleazy Chinese scam company.. and by grammar i mean terrible spelling and word use...