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  • As far as I remember, back in 2007/2009 and those times, the minimum age to play was 13; 'Timmy' was 11. Already one rule broken. "Timmy was so good people asked him for help", so good at what, buying Cheap Runescape Gold from websites with Christmas money, he couldn't have known much about the game if he needed to RWT to earn RS Gold. Already that's a second rule broken, should be banned for that and lose not only his stuff but his whole account. Lastly, welcome to the world of 'Gielinor' better known as RuneScape where the game revolves around wealth for most stats to train and people don't give a rats bew-tox if they take your things as long as it benefits them. Let's be honest, everything the person took off of his account most likely got sold for real life money and is back on a OSRS Gold farming site for another 'Timmy' to come along and purchase it.

    Let's be honest, most people started playing early RuneScape at a super young age, and therefore lied about being 13. RuneScape being rated T, as in regards 13+ to play similar to console games, is fucking dumb. You know why? It's animated, no swearing unless by other salty 10 year old cunts in the game, little blood/gore, etc.

    actually it wasnt against the rules to play under 11 because i remember not knowing that rule so i put my real birthdate and i was 10 years old. We are buying Runescape Gold/RS Gold/Cheap OSRS Gold on US server with reasonable prices. Please contact us to get a quote. Prices are negotiable. Before contacting us, please read the following details. they just make it so you cant speak only quick chat.