How to Ensure Maximum Usage of Sbcglobal Email Services?

  • Most companies opt for a paid or hosted emailing service, so as to ensure that the information transferred over the Internet is secure. As Internet facilities itself has progressed, so that instances of hacking and securing information being illegally accessed by third parties. Sometimes the disclosure of secure information can have disastrous results for an economy, nation, company and even an individual. Thus, to avert such untoward incident individuals and companies often opt for a secure server to transfer information over email.

    One such service provider is AT&T Communication, and its product Sbcglobal email service ensures that all information transferred trough secure servers. However, as an end user one must understand the Sbcglobal email server settings to get the maximum out of the hosted emailing service. Some of the exclusive facilities provided by Sbcglobal email service are as follows:

    • Domain setting: While configuring the email on a third party email client, such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Apple mail, ensure that the domain name is used and spelt correctly.
    • Email client: To ensure that the mailing system is done through a secure port, which are, for incoming mails and for outgoing mails.
    • Security assured: In order to ensure the security of the information transferred Sbcglobal email service uses the POP3 server to send or receive emails. The POP3 protocol is the most updated version for receiving and sending emails. Moreover, this server acts as the dual system for delivering and storing information.
    • AT&T customer service: In order to use the Sbcglobal emailing system for commercial purposes, it is essential to set up the emailing program from scratch. In addition, it is important to configure the service on a third party client to access the mails from a mobile device. To help clients understand this service better, the AT&T customer service technicians will be able to provide all essential information.

    The objective of a hosted emailing service is to help customers send information across the Internet without the fear of the data being accessed by unknown parties. The Sbcglobal email server setting with its firewall and the latest Antivirus software, makes it almost impossible to be hacked in to. Additionally, it also provides twenty four hours customer support to ensure smooth working of the emailing system.

    The Sbcglobal emailing service also provides other facilities such as calendar, event manager, universal address book and mail filters.The address book and mail filters are essential in case of companies. Some of the advantages of these facilities are as follows:

    • As the address book will automatically store all important email addresses, one will not have to search or type for the particular email ID.
    • The mail filters will prevent the spam or phishing mails from accessing the mailbox.This subsequently will protect the email account from hacking.

    Thus, overall hosted emailing service especially the ones provided by Sbcglobal email service provider are ideal from businesses and individuals, primarily for the protection offered by this type of mailing systems.