Things That You Should Do If Your Printer Is Not Printing

  • These days a computer system without a printer does not make sense. It supports your work through the production of hard copy and it is an important output peripheral that is now an indispensable part of all computer systems. Today, printers are used in offices, businesses and also in households. However, since these are electrical gadgets; at times they start malfunctioning; as a result of which it affects the productivity.

    One of the most common problems faced by the printer users include the printer is not printing. Before contacting the tech support company such as hp printer troubleshooting team, one can do the following checks:

    • Check if the printer is connected with the PC and the router; as if it not connected either by the USB cable, Ethernet cable or wirelessly; it will obviously not print.
    • Check if the Java has issued a software update that has disabled the browser plug in.
    • Check if the drivers are installed correctly upon initial set up.
    • Restart the computer and printer as this reconnects programs and files after installing the updates or reconnecting the printer.
    • Try to print using a different browser and send a test print to check if it works.
    • Make sure that the Java is enabled and the pop-up blocker is turned off.
    • Make sure that the cache and cookies are cleared.
    • Ensure that the paper has been installed properly.
    • Spyware programs or antivirus programs running in the background should be disabled for the time being to see if the printer works
    • Make sure that the printer is set as a default printer by going through the print settings.
    • Ensure that the software programs that utilize USB ports are closed.

    If the issue continues even after doing these steps, then it is better to visit the printer manufacturer’s website to download the newest drivers for that printer. As soon as the newest drivers are there then the user should at first get the printer uninstalled in the Control Panel. After this the printer should be unplugged from the computer, and should be restarted, and then the computer should be turned on again and the printer should be plugged once again and the drivers should be reinstalled. This should ideally make the printer function but if then also the printer does not start to work, then one can get in touch with the experienced tech support persons as they can help with hp printer troubleshooting steps. Usually, they deal with all issues starting from system maintenance to scanner and printer support and the services are less costly than on-site technical support. So, if the printer is not printing instead of getting panicked, perform these simple troubleshooting steps and if it still doesn’t work then you have the online tech support company available 24 x 7 who can take care of almost everything.