Top College Vices

  • Students engage in unwanted behaviors when they are in college. They blame it on their teenage hormone. However, that should not be the reason why they overindulge in the college vices. The vices have deteriorated the overall discipline of scholarly institutions of higher learning. One of the vices is dubbing exams and assignments. A student does notmind the source they use to write their papers. They can even use best essay writing service papers and edit them accordingly to serve as their own assignments.

    Lecturers know their tricks hence the recent use of plagiarism and grammar checkers when students hand in their work.Most of the weekends are characterized by endless partying. These parties are entailed by alcohol drinking, dirty dances and all sorts of drugs that students community use to make their parties rock. The medicines and substances they use impair their judgment. They get into fatal fights without knowing. Female students are gang raped when their drugs are laced with drugs. If only students could spare time and contemplated on how much they lose, they would settle down to get academic grades and nothing less. College voicesare the reason why some students lose lives or drop from school for street life.