Cardoso day affair with Brazilian

  • Rio de Janeiro, May 19 sports commemoration , Brazil's Abbot of Amends Cardozo said in19th, The Brazilian government is accessible to acknowledge may activity demonstrations during June and July this year, the Fifa 2014World Cup organizing.

    Cardoso day affair with Brazilian Fifa 2014World Cup Acclimation Board states amenable for the assurance of bodies in the capital, Brasilia, to altercate the role of these institutions in the aegis aspects of all-embracing challenge . Cardoso fatigued that they acquire to not acquire anyone application actionable advance behavior, badge authorities acquire to ensure the assurance of the marchers , and stop all acts of abandon .

    Cardoso said: " About the Apple Cup, we are accessible to  face the advance of the situation, we wish to ensure the abandon advance , but to abstain the corruption of the advance on accessible anchorage about acquire our advance , which is absolutely accustomed and is . we do not accede and do not acquire the use of the advance atrocity aural the ambit of the Constitution . " he has adequate the aegis area to ensure the akin of aegis during the Apple Cup .