Huang zhan on why refuse to trump hotel

  • According to the Cleveland plain dealer reported, defending champion cavaliers at the knicks play period, some of the cavaliers players, led by lebron James, refused to check in with the new President of the United States named trump hotel. To this, James said in explained in an interview today this is simply because "personal preferences.

    I don't want to make a statement, "James asked why refused to trump's hotel said," this is just my personal preference. In the final analysis, I hope he (trump) can be one of the best President in American history, for us, my family and all of us. But this is just my personal preference. "


    Subsequently, James is an example: "is like saying, I went to a restaurant for dinner, I decided to only eat chicken steak, this is the same reason."


    As is known to all, James before the presidential election this year publicly supported democratic candidate Hillary rodham Clinton. So when trump became the new President of the United States, including James over the cavaliers players felt very disappointed.


    So a knight on this war during the period of New York, James announced not trump hotel and some of his team-mates. But it should be pointed out that, although the name of the hotel still hung trump, but trump has no longer have it.


    In addition to some of the knight players headed by James, others, including the cavaliers coach tryon - he will still live in trump hotel, because the cavaliers and the hotel signed a cooperation agreement.


    In an interview, he admitted that the team played away game not to live under the same roof feel special.


    "I mean, this is definitely not normal." Lu said, "but given the specific environment, this is we are faced with the situation."