C Luo tax evasion 150 million euros

  • Messi because the tax evasion was sentenced by the Spanish Court of Justice suspended, and now C Lo is unmasked, "Football Decryption" website and the German "Der Spiegel" revealed a large number of C Luo alleged tax evasion details, the C Lo is the total tax evasion at least 150 million euros.

    At present, the Spanish tax department began to investigate C Luo in 2011, 2012 and 2013 personal income tax, C Luo in the three years a total of 5.6 million euros in tax, but their tax avoidance is reached a staggering 150 million euros, personal The taxable income is only taxed at 4%.

    But this is only C Luo in Ireland, a company called MIM to help themselves avoid tax money, Valencia boss Lin Rongfu company also helped C Lo tax evasion, starting in 2015, there are two companies in North America and the Caribbean Help C Luo tax evasion, Lin Rongfu company through the Swiss bank accounts to help C Lo transfer transactions. The C Lo and Lin Rongfu good relationship, Valencia boss's daughter Lin Jin and C Luo often dinner together, we can see the two personal relationship is built on the black gold trading.
    In fact, C Lo in 2009 before joining Real Madrid to start tax evasion, and Massey and others is similar to a company called Tollin is registered in the Virgin Islands, the tax haven in 2009 before the company to help C Luo tax evasion, the Portuguese striker earned about 75.8 million euros, but do not have to pay taxes.

    The Spanish tax authorities in December last year, has been on the C Luo tax evasion of the incident, but to take a non-public attitude, which Messi was previously suspected of tax evasion was treated after the treatment was completely different. Messi and C Lo are through the tax avoidance in the way of overseas or even pay taxes, so as to avoid the high tax rate in Spain. Although Messi said he did not directly involved in the matter, but still sentenced to probation, even if C Luo may also express their ignorance, but with reference to previous Macy's case, C Luo may also be sentenced to jail.

    Spanish tax department to treat C Luo and Messi adopted a double standard, Barcelona Vice President Bilubi said: "I hope some departments think about how to deal with Messi, and now how to treat C Luo, law enforcement methods to Unity is right. "

    In addition, Catalan media also pointed out that a very strange phenomenon, Real Madrid is not the official voice on this matter, this is abnormal, to know Real Madrid had many players or members of the club involved in negative events, Real Madrid will express a statement that force very. Real Madrid know C Luo really touched the law of the red rope?
    However, Mendes' s brokerage firm is issued a statement that C Luo alleged tax evasion of the news are false. But "scoring net", said: C Luo suspected of tax evasion investigation was exposed, it may set off a wave of great controversy, Mendes for their players to avoid tax evasion of things can not know, and Mourinho Olympic, Falcao and other soccer players and coaches are Mendes customers, so the madman may be checked the future of the news, it is not surprising.

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